Letters To The Editor 9/20/2018

September 20, 2018

Seat not for sale

Editor: Just how low is 8th Congressional District Republican candidate John Chrin willing to descend to turn that seat red in November?

In a charge worthy of his mentor, President Donald Trump, and of Trump’s best efforts to bait and to divide us, Chrin attacked his opponent, U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright, for paying real estate taxes late on his Washington condo. By incongruous extension Chrin challenges voters to reject Cartwright, a “man who wants to raise your taxes but refuses to pay his.”

How Trumpian of Chrin to follow his master’s lead to trail mayhem wherever he treads. First, in fact, late payment of taxes is not a crime, especially when the taxpayer pays the bill, as Cartwright did. Second, it’s laughable that Chrin raises the tax argument at all.

Multimillionaires like Chrin and Trump were the primary beneficiaries of the Trump tax cuts Chrin so ardently defends. It’s evident that it’s his money he cares about, not that of the working class — not mine, not yours.

Any tax bills Democrats submit to Congress would alter that balance in favor of us average folks. The idea that any Democrat, least of all Cartwright, would work against the base that elected him is patently false and ridiculous.

Chrin, who maintains a family residence in New Jersey, came to Northeast Pennsylvania a political opportunist trailing Trump’s coat tails. In an ironic twist, he spends a hefty chunk of a personal Wall Street fortune to try to convince us he’s a man of the people worthy of our vote. What he really believes is that he can buy a seat in Congress — and us along with it — by spreading nonsense about an honorable man. 




Wagner pro-life

Editor: Where do the gubernatorial candidates stand on the issue of life?

Sen. Scott Wagner, the Republican nominee, supports a ban on taxpayer funding of abortion organizations such as Planned Parenthood. He supports a ban on dismemberment abortions and late-term abortions. The Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation has given Wagner a 100 percent pro-life voting record.

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf is just the opposite. Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortions in the country, plans to spend $1.5 million to help re-elect Wolf. Wolf opposes a ban on taxpayer funding of abortion organizations and opposes a ban on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Wolf does not value life and does not represent our values. Wagner is the only pro-life candidate to protect the unborn.




Part of problem

Editor: I have seen a few ads on TV for Scott Wagner, the Republican nominee for governor, and I have one question.

If he is so phenomenal and has so many great ideas for Pennsylvania why wasn’t any of that evident during his tenure in the state Senate? Handling the gas industry with kid gloves, supporting former Gov. Tom Corbett’s slashing of funds for public education and failing to get a state budget passed on time — except during this election year — aren’t exactly examples of innovative and dynamic leadership.

With Wagner, what we’ve seen is what we would get. The old adage of a leopard not being able to change its spots is true of politicians.



Fiscal fraudsters

Editor: As we approach the elections, Republican candidates are trying out their old familiar campaign talking points.

Once again, we will hear them proclaim to be fiscally conservative, with strong family values. They will work to deliver a great health care plan for all, they will fix immigration and rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. Republicans have been in total control of our government in Washington for 18 months and what have they accomplished? None of the aforementioned, that’s for sure.

They passed a huge tax cut that favors the rich and to help pay for it, they are working on a budget that would cut health care programs by $2.1 trillion, including $1.5 trillion in cuts to Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act over the next 10 years. Some $537 billion would be cut from Medicare over the same period.

It is projected that fiscally conservative Republicans will increase our nation’s budget deficit to $1 trillion by the year 2020.

Locally, we have U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta, a Donald Trump clone and do-nothing congressman from Hazleton, who would like to become a do-nothing U. S. senator. We also have John Chrin, a Wall Street banker from New Jersey, who expects us to believe that he shares our “Pennsylvania values.” What a joke. Chrin has been attacking his opponent, U.S. Matt Cartwright, as being too liberal. Republicans like Chrin and Barletta hate liberals like Cartwright and Casey, because when liberals go to Washington you can be sure that they will work to help the middle class and not the wealthy.

We do not need to send anymore Republicans to Washington. We already have 236 too many GOP congressmen, 51 too many GOP senators and one Republican too many in the White House.




Accessibility counts

Editor: In regard to the 112th House District, which has been represented by state Rep. Kevin Haggerty for the past two years, here’s some historical perspective.

This district has been represented by Democrats since 1974. Charles J. Volpe was the last Republican to represent it. I had the good fortune to speak to the Republican candidate in the 112th race, Ernie Lemoncelli. He has responded to Facebook messages and returned my phone call after sharing his personal contact.

His Democratic opponent has not responded to Facebook messages. This by no means is an attack on the Democratic nominee, Kyle Mullins. I simply want to share this experience with voters of the district.

There are major issues facing the commonwealth, property taxes and pension shortfalls are a few. It should not matter if you are Republican or a Lemoncrat — as Lemoncelli says. Be accessible to voters who will decide in November.



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