Letter to the editor: Don’t force unions on workers

September 25, 2018

As a former public employee, I was disappointed -- but not surprised -- to read that new rules will force Westmoreland County workers into high-pressure meetings with union recruiters (“Westmoreland commissioners OK union pitch to all new employees,” Aug. 16, TribLIVE). Government workers just can’t seem to catch a break. After the Supreme Court finally ends a 40-year policy of forcing workers to pay a union or lose their job, Westmoreland County starts in with a new form of arm twisting.

Here’s an idea: Instead of mandating new public workers undergo a union brow-beating, let’s treat them like adults who can judge a union’s worth on their own -- which is exactly what I did. As an Adams County public school teacher, I opted against union membership because I knew the union spent big bucks on political causes I disagreed with. When the union tried to impose “fair share fees” on nonmembers a few years ago, I organized over 40 of my colleagues and together we convinced the union to back down.

Fellow teachers and other public employees: Don’t let unions pressure you into signing up for something you don’t need from an organization whose politics you may disagree with.

Keith Williams

New Oxford

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