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Monica Pops Up on ‘Saturday Night’

May 9, 1999

NEW YORK (AP) _ Live from New York, it’s ... Monica Lewinsky.

The former White House intern poked fun at President Clinton and her ex-friend, Linda Tripp, during an appearance on the NBC comedy series ``Saturday Night Live.″ One skit had Ms. Lewinsky living in a Malibu beach house with ex-President Clinton.

She was also in a second segment, dispensing advice on phone sex and affairs with older men along with actor Tim Meadows, who portrays a ’70s style ``ladies’ man″ conducting a telephone call-in show.

The Malibu beach house was actually depicted as Clinton’s dream. Actor Darrell Hammond, who impersonates Clinton, wears a white bathrobe and is tempted by an offer of a lunch date with two prostitutes by Meadows, playing Vernon Jordan.

Ms. Lewinsky, dressed all in black, enters the beach house after coming home from work. Clinton asks how her day went.

``Everyone gets so mad at me when I turn the wrong letters,″ she said.

Clinton tries to make her feel better with a gift _ a copy of ``Leaves of Grass″ by Walt Whitman. Ms. Lewinsky points out that he’s given her that book before.

Ms. Lewinsky balks at Clinton’s request to have lunch with Jordan. ``Come on, baby,″ he said. ``Don’t you trust me?″

``Yeah, in your dreams, you big creep,″ Ms. Lewinsky replied, echoing the nickname she gave Clinton in tape recordings of her conversations with Linda Tripp.

Meadows introduces Ms. Lewinsky during the second skit as someone ``who has done more to educate this country in the ways of love than anybody else on this planet.″

Ms. Lewinsky tells one advice-seeker that it’s not a good idea to have an affair with her much older boss.

``First, people in the office will start gossiping,″ she said, ``and the next thing you know your face is all over Arabic newspapers.″

Another caller wanted to know if she should have phone sex. ``I had phone sex with this one guy,″ Ms. Lewinsky said. ``His name doesn’t really matter.″

``Why don’t we just call him William Howard Taft?″ Meadows said.

Actor John Goodman, who has portrayed Tripp in past shows, called in to ask whether Ms. Lewinsky could forgive her. ``No way,″ she said.

NBC had tried to keep Ms. Lewinsky’s appearance on the show a secret. But word slipped out when she was seen during the week in the ``Saturday Night Live″ studio in Rockefeller Center for rehearsals.

The night’s best Clinton joke, however, came during the ``Weekend Update″ news report narrated by Colin Quinn.

``What do you get when you cross Joey Buttafuoco with a college education?″ Quinn asked.

A picture of Clinton, smiling with his thumbs up, appeared on the screen behind him.

``And you know he’s watching tonight,″ Quinn said, after the laughter died down.

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