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Major Blasts Since ’93 Peace Accord

December 2, 2001

A list of some of the largest bomb attacks since the Israel-Palestinian peace accord was signed in 1993:

April 6, 1994 _ Palestinian parks car rigged with explosives next to bus in Afula, in northern Israel. Nine Israelis killed. Militant Muslim group Hamas claims responsibility.

Oct. 19, 1994 _ Palestinian suicide bomber kills 22 Israelis in bus explosion in Tel Aviv. Hamas claims responsibility.

Jan. 22, 1995 _Two Palestinians blow themselves up at the Beit Lid junction in central Israel, killing 21 Israelis. Islamic Jihad claims responsibility.

April 9, 1995 _Two Palestinians blow themselves up outside two Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip, killing seven Israeli soldiers and an American. Hamas and Islamic Jihad claim responsibility.

Feb. 25, 1996 _ Palestinian suicide bombers blow up bus in Jerusalem and soldiers’ hitchhiking post in coastal city of Ashkelon, killing 24 Israelis, two Americans and a Palestinian. Hamas claims responsibility.

March 3, 1996 _ Bus bomb in Jerusalem kills at least 18 people, including six Romanians and two Palestinians. Hamas claimed responsibility.

March 4, 1996 _ Suicide bomber blows himself up outside a Tel Aviv shopping center, killing at least 14 people.

July 30, 1997 _ Two bombers kill themselves and 15 others in an outdoor Jerusalem market. Leaflet signed by Hamas’ military wing claims responsibility.

June 1, 2001 _ Suicide bomber blows himself up outside Tel Aviv nightclub, killing himself and 21 others.

Aug. 9, 2001 _ A suicide bomber kills 15 people in Jerusalem pizza restaurant.

Sept. 9, 2001 _ The first Israeli-Arab suicide bomber blows himself up at a railroad station in northern Israel, killing three others.

Nov. 29, 2001 _ A suicide bomber blows himself up on board a bus on a main highway in Israel’s north, killing three passengers. Islamic Jihad claims responsibility for the attack.

Dec. 1, 2001 _ Two suicide bombers blow themselves up in back-to-back explosions at a downtown Jerusalem pedestrian mall, killing at least eight bystanders.

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