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Golden Arches Installing McShuffleboard for Golden Agers

February 4, 1994

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. (AP) _ Forget the swings and slides. One home of the Golden Arches is catering to customers in their golden years by replacing a playground with McShuffleboard.

Customers of a McDonald’s in a neighborhood where the average age is 65 suggested a shuffleboard court instead of children’s play equipment, said Robert Wonyetye, the restaurant’s managing partner.

″We want to tie it into the condo circuit and sponsor our own tournaments,″ he said. ″It’s going to be fantastic.″

The court will be installed as early as March, Wonyetye said. It will be the only shuffleboard court in the McDonald’s system, said Jane Hulbert from headquarters in Oak Brook, Ill.

The influence of the older generation in this beach town south of Palm Beach doesn’t stop at the restaurant’s door. Eight of the 11 breakfast workers are 60-plus, said Wonyetye, whose 56-year-old father is the breakfast manager.

At this McDonald’s, there’s no salt on the fries.