Giving thanks for hard working teachers

August 26, 2018

I have attended Santa Fe Public Schools for all of my education so far. I attended Turquoise Trail Charter Elementary School for pre-K; Chaparral Elementary School through sixth grade; and now I am an eighth-grader at Milagro Middle School. As a new school year begins, I would like to thank teachers for all their hard work and dedication. I believe teachers are underrated for the great job they do. It is not an easy job, because there are a lot of things they have to deal with, especially students and parents who are difficult.

Many of my past teachers made learning fun. I remember Ms. Maureen Dunn, my fourth-grade teacher at Chaparral; we learned about the first Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims. We also planned and prepared a Thanksgiving feast for our parents to attend.

There are many more good memories that I have had at school and I am very thankful to all the hardworking teachers who make it happen. I am looking forward to another school year.

Andrew Asa Allen

Santa Fe

Grave sins

Whatever happened to excommunication in the Catholic Church? If pedophiles and church leaders who cover up the sexual abuse aren’t excommunicated, who is?

Lorae McEuen

Santa Fe

Socialism is scary

For those who find socialism an attractive economic and political system, there is this cautionary note from the forward of The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression: “that socialists of whatever stripe cannot be trusted to resist their ever-present demons on the far left (those popular fronts were no accident after all).”

To ignore that socialism ultimately requires huge government force (read repression) to move citizens in the desired direction, a direction that always requires tweaking, is failure to read the history of the 20th century adequately. Elizabeth Bruenig’s thinking (“Socialism: It’s not a dirty word,” Commentary, Aug. 21) is scary.

John Hancock

Santa Fe

Problem is celibacy

Homosexuality is not at the root of the abuse scandal in the Catholic Church (“Cardinal’s scandal inflames debate over gay priests,” Aug. 21).

Abusers have engaged in heterosexual abuse as well. The problem is celibacy. Until the church addresses this issue, all other efforts to address the problem will be utterly ineffective.

Imagine that a devout and fervent young man, confused about his sexuality or ashamed of his sexual feelings, looks for answers in his faith and refuge in his church. Then imagine his disappointment and self-loathing when he discovers that those feelings will not go away and that his vows trap him in a situation where a healthy and moral outlet for expressing those feelings is denied.

All the actions and sanctions, zero tolerance and accountability promised by Pope Francis in his recent letter will be for naught if he and his church fail to recognize that the men it calls to its service need and deserve its blessing to live normal, healthy lives.

Ann McLaughlin

Los Alamos

Keep reading, caring

Egyptian civilization endured for 2,500 years. American democracy is not yet 250 years old. It’s still a fragile, unproven experiment in human self-government.

A free and flourishing press has always been essential to its existence. Today, in an increasingly fragmented world, local newspapers are a binding force, providing a shared source of information, images and ideas.

Now that the press is openly under attack from the highest level of our government, this binding force is more important than ever.

Want to help sustain this great American experiment? Encourage friends and colleagues to read — and subscribe to — our local newspaper, the Santa Fe New Mexican.

Deborah Elizabeth Boldt

Santa Fe

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