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Musashimaru Improves to 5-1 at Grand Sumo Tournament

May 17, 1996

TOKYO (AP) _ Musashimaru, a Hawaiian-born wrestler, improved his record to 5-1 at the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament, with a victory Friday over Akinoshima.

Musashimaru, whose real name is Fiamalu Penitani, pressed his palms against Akinoshima’s chest and bulldozed him out of the ring.

Hawaiian-born grand champion Akebono, recovering from a knee injury in January, used his trademark hand thrusts to beat junior champion Musoyama. Both were 4-2.

Konishiki, another Hawaiian whose real name is Salevaa Fuauli Atisanoe, was beaten for the second time in six bouts. He was shoved out of the ring by Shikishima.

Grand champion Takanohana suffered his first defeat, leaving only two wrestlers, Takanonami and Tochinowaka unbeaten at 6-0.

Tied with Musahimaru and Takanohana at 5-1 was Wakanohana, Takanonami’s older brother.

In a lower classification, Yamato, or American George Kalima, was pushed out by Kotoarashi (4-2) to suffer his third defeat against three wins.

Sunahama, or American William Hopkins, pushed out Zenshinyama (3-3) to improve his record to 4-2 record.

In the top junior division, American John Feleunga pushed down Tsuchihashi for his first victory against two losses. Sentoryu, or American Henry Armstrong Miller, also scored his first win as he pushed out No. 43-ranked Umenosato.

In the third-highest junior division, Koryu, or American Eric Gasper, was defeated by Akiyama to fall to 2-1.

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