Robbie Williams films Weight Watchers advert with lookalikes

December 22, 2018

Robbie Williams has filmed an advert for Weight Watchers with a group of lookalikes.

The ‘Let Me Entertain You’ singer was recently announced as the new face of the weight loss and fitness company, which has been rebranded as WW, and the first commercial for the new partnership will see five Robbie doppelgängers recreate his iconic music video for ‘Rock DJ’.

The promo, which was filmed in East Grinstead in West Sussex, England, sees the 44-year-old pop star fail to teach his lookalikes the dance moves for the 2000 video - which saw Robbie strip down to wearing just his racy tiger printed pants.

After inviting them down, he tells them: “Thank you all for coming, guys. We’re all here today to take health back together.

“To show it is not all about 4am work outs in the dark, eating wheatgrass flakes through a straw, or running ultra-marathons wrapped in cling film. Or even my own preferred sport, boxing.”

He’s then seen punching the air, before saying: “It is about how you feel.”

However, after donning matching tracksuits adorned with the ‘I Love My Life’ hitmaker’s initials, they succeed in mastering the routine.

According to a source, the light-hearted video is “hilarious” and shows that Robbie isn’t “afraid” to make fun of himself.

An insider told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column: “Robbie is never afraid to take the mick out of himself and thought he’d poke fun at his fellow RWs as well.

“Everyone was a good sport and the end product looks hilarious. They’re all chuffed with it.”

Robbie decided to join the WW family to go on a “wellness journey” so he can get “fit and healthy” for his family, friends and fans.

He said: “WW is the first programme that truly feels like it fits with my life. After my back injury last year, I definitely let my healthy habits slip and I felt as though I let myself and my family down. I can’t keep trying the same things and hoping for a different outcome. I trust the history of behaviour science that WW has, and I’m proud to be a new ambassador. Hopefully, others will benefit from my experience.”

And he wrote on Twitter: “Next year I want to get fit and healthy for my family, friends & fans & WW will be my partner on this wellness journey. As a #WWambassador, I’m joining millions around the world building healthy habits for real life. Why are YOU are getting healthy? #MyWhy #ForEveryBody @ww_uk (sic)”

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