TC Line: How Many is Too Many?

November 29, 2018

One too many?

It’s incredibly trite to say that one death by gun is one too many. Is one life saved by a person protecting themselves or their loved ones with a gun also one too many? How many rapes and home invasions prevented by law-abiding people armed with guns, which may not even need to be shot, are one too many? Is one death by a stabbing also one too many? Or is that OK if it doesn’t involve a gun?

Stupid call

Do you intentionally print some calls just to illustrate how stupid some of your readers are? A caller congratulates GM for closing plants that produce “gas-guzzling sedans.” The reason they did that is because buyers are instead purchasing many more less fuel-efficient SUVs and pickup trucks.

Climate change

• Thirteen federal departments under Trump are worried about climate change and agree it’s human caused, as do 192 other countries. But he’s smarter, I guess.

• So the guy in the White House says he’s very smart, and then he says he doesn’t think humans have anything to do with climate change. Well, disregarding that premise, he should understand or maybe one of those helpers — gutless wonders that they are — could explain to him: It doesn’t matter whether humans have caused it or not, we need to do plenty and quickly. It’s a mess. Perhaps his daughter can explain it to him and convince him. She’s going to have to live with the consequences.

‘Preconceived’ ideas

If you judge the world around you and what you read so that they match your “preconceived ideas,” then you’re not growing, you’re not expanding your intellect, you’re not improving your understanding of this continually changing world. You’ve put yourself in a box called “pre-conceived ideas.” I hope you will let yourself out.

Wall a waste

When is Trump going to get over thinking we need this wall? It won’t keep people out. Granted, they won’t be able to come over in mass numbers ... but drug lords and their mules that run the drugs go under the border as it is. And what’s to keep people from getting into boats down in Mexico and going clear around and landing on the coastline of United States? ... Besides this country does not have $75 billion to throw away on a wall that probably won’t work.

Empty threat

This is ... about President T. I guess this stands for 10 to life. Trump (is threatening) to declassify “devastating documents” if Democrats “want to play tough.” No ... we’re just following the law here. ... If you had anything that was devastating, that would’ve come out in the first two weeks of your presidency.

Skydiving tragedy

When will the Sheriff’s (Office) release their investigative report about the young Mile-Hi parachutist who was found dead over 18 hours after his jump. Let’s not forget this tragedy.

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