Omaha physician takes part in clinical study for new product following ear surgery

July 26, 2017

OMAHA - A good number of children with frequent ear infections require ear tubes to help with drainage. Dr. Ann Edmunds at the Omaha Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic says that drainage is often times a concern for parents and caregivers following surgery.

Statistics shows that about 50 percent of children have drainage in the first two weeks after the procedure and about 80 percent within the first month. She says as surgeons their goal is to prevent that as much as possible as the tube can block due to excessive drainage.

Dr. Edmunds was involved in a series of clinical trials last year of a new product that replaces the necessary ear drops following surgery. She says, “It is not a drop but a gel and it is administered by the surgeon just one time at the time of the surgery. It is an interesting product in the sense that when you put it in the ear it is a liquid at room temperature and when it goes into the middle ear and hits body temperature it turns into a gel fairly quickly. By doing that it allows us to deposit antibiotic particles in that ear for about a week to ten days.” The product is FDA approved.

Dr. Edmunds says this makes it much easier for parents who say about two-thirds say they cannot administer them the way they should because the child is moving around. Statistics show that the gel can reduce ear drainage by 70 percent in the first two weeks after surgery.

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