Kinzinger joins party bobbleheads

March 11, 2019

So, Representative Adam Kinzinger has decided to throw his support to the Republican effort to hand Trump an imperial presidency, on the basis of going to the border with his National Guard unit and deciding he agreed with Trump the situation there is a national emergency.

His reasons for this, expressed in the Daily Journal, were while there, he encountered a man delivering drugs, a lost woman and several random coyotes. Sounds like a slow night at the local police precinct.

Sad to see he has joined the party-first bobbleheads after displaying some flashes of independence. Data and the opinion of his military superiors show a border no more dangerous than it ever has been and in many ways less so. Most of the problems have been exacerbated by Trump’s draconian detention policies, inhumane and illegal treatment of refugees and virtually closing points of entry, which actually encourages the desperate to find another way in.

This whole shameful affair brings to mind the school-day lessons of Caesar and the castration of the Roman Senate leading to an Imperial Rome.

Stephen Harman