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February 18, 1996

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) _ Morgan Freeman remembers the ``best actor″ award he won at age 12 as his highest honor.

The accolade, for a school play performance in Greenwood, Miss., was on Freeman’s mind Saturday when he accepted another Mississippi award, the Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts.

``It was like a group pat on the back: a `well done,‴ Freeman recalled of his childhood honor. ``Every time you give _ particularly _ young people a `well done,′ they go on to do better, and I thank you for that.

``I thank you for this `well done,′ and I will go on and attempt to do better.″

The 58-year-old Freeman lives in the northwest Mississippi community of Charlestown, just north of his childhood home. His performances in ``Driving Miss Daisy″ and ``The Shawshank Redemption″ earned him Academy Award best actor nominations.


NEW YORK (AP) _ ``60 Minutes″ correspondent Ed Bradley has a wild side. Sometimes, though, he just needs a nudge to show it.

Like the time he told Liza Minnelli he’d always wanted to get his ear pierced, but never had the nerve because of his high-profile job.

Revealing his secret wish during the 1986 interview, Bradley also told Minnelli about his nickname ``Teddy,″ which friends use to describe the veteran reporter’s fun side.

``I said `You know, it’s `60 Minutes’ and all seriousness and gravity and all that,′ but Teddy says, `It’s just an earring,‴ Bradley said in the Feb. 24 issue of TV Guide.

``We were doing another interview the next day, and she gave me an earring and says, `When you see Teddy, give it to him,″ Bradley said. ``So that was when I went out and got my ear pierced.″

Colleagues at ``60 Minutes″ had wide-ranging reactions.

``Oh, there was some shock,″ he says. ``I think the original reaction was: `I guess he wants to have it ... but he’s not going to wear that on the air, is he?‴


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) _ The flu felled the devil.

Jerry Lewis, starring as Lucifer in ``Damn Yankees,″ has missed at least three performances thanks to the bug.

Lewis couldn’t take the stage Friday night and missed matinee and evening performances Saturday. The shows went on with Lewis’ understudy, but hundreds exchanged tickets for later shows in hopes of catching the main attraction.

``He is fighting chills and nausea,″ said Laurie Pomerson, a show executive.

The traveling show, which began in Columbus Tuesday, was slated to end its local run Sunday with two shows.

Lewis plays Mr. Applegate _ the devil _ who gives youth to an aging baseball fan in exchange for his soul.

About 300 people exchanged tickets Friday night for Sunday’s performances, Pomerson said. Patrons who couldn’t exchange tickets can attend the show in Cincinnati in April.


NEW YORK (AP) _ At age 54, Ann-Margret can kid about her sex symbol image.

``Me? Sexy? I’m 95!″ she says. ``My sexuality! That’s in the eye of the beholder.″

Seriously though, she’s comfortable with the image the years have yet to diminish, since it always came naturally.

``I have always moved the way I move,″ she said in the Feb. 24 issue of TV Guide. ``I have always walked the way I walk. Since I was a little girl. I don’t think about it. I feel I have movements like a cat. I study them. I am a tactile person.″

And for her, there are three things that make men sexy.

``A guy who is shy, this is one of the three sexiest things on Earth,″ she said. ``The other two _ I won’t tell you.″

In her latest role in an upcoming miniseries on NBC, Ann-Margret plays a schoolteacher who has her husband killed. She says her own real-life husband, Roger Smith, had to persuade her to take the role.

``He says to me, `Ann-Margret, do you always want to play heroines?‴

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