Council acts on several resolutions

December 20, 2018

The Watertown Common Council voted to amend the hours of service when it reviewed an ordinance for adoption of the general development plan and precise implementation plan for Rock River Gymnastics during its meeting Tuesday.

This ordinance was on its second reading and would allow Rock River Gymnastics to move to 426 S. Montgomery St. Rock River Gymnastics is moving to this facility, shared with Building Products Inc.

The council agreed to table a resolution for an agreement with Max-R Recovery for 2019 tub grinding until the next meeting Thursday, Dec. 27, at 4:30 p.m.

A number of resolutions were approved by the common council.

One resolution is to approve purchase of three mobile/studio news streaming video cameras for the city’s cable TV department from VSA Chicago. The quote given by the company was $18,790 and there was $21,135 budgeted for this purchase.

Another resolution was a $12,945 up front purchase of Fiix software, implementation and training. This purchase includes an annual subscription cost of $5,445.

The council approved two change orders. One is for the final 2018 curb and gutter and sidewalk replacement project which would subtract $134,808.94 from the contract amount, bringing the final price to $278,828.91. The cost was originally $413,637.85 but not all the work was completed this year and all the incomplete 2018 contract work will be rebid in the upcoming year.

The other change order is for the final 2018 bituminous surfacing project. The contract price was $464,651.25 but not all work was completed this year and all the incomplete 2018 work will be rebid in 2019. This change order decreases the contract by $103,807.50 for a final revised total of $360,843.75.

The council agreed to purchase new GPS equipment from Seiler Geospatial for $13,050. The common council also approved the purchase of leak detection equipment for the water department from Gutermann Inc. for $15,420.

One resolution amended the annual street account assignments. The bituminous surfacing of city streets agreement and the West Street agreement with Payne and Dolan would be funded from an annual street reserve account and a stormwater utility capital account. The curb and gutter and sidewalk construction program contract with Rennhack Construction would be funded from an annual street reserve account, a sidewalk capital account and the Carriage Hill Path grant funds account.

The common council approved a resolution to adopt a right of way dedication for 713 S. Second St. Another resolution that was approved was the acquisition of a property located at 301 N. Second St. and authorizing public dedication and use, with Alderwoman Emily McFarland voting against it.

“The objective of this case is that property has been sitting idly for a number of years and I think you could make a nice little sitting park there which would compliment the city hall and everything around here,” Alderman Augie Tietz said.

He added they would use funds reserved for buying parks property.

The common council approved Class B malt and Class C wine licenses for Pizza Hut at 1504 S. Church St.

Members of the council honored Robert Schwerer for 10 years of service as an employee at the water department.

Resident Ina Trummer spoke to the common council to express her anger toward its members in the beginning of the meeting. She read off a few sheets of paper and said she was upset about things such as funding and an increase in property taxes.

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