Vote for Lotfi to fight injustice -- Linda Clifford

August 12, 2018

Voters in Wisconsin’s 77th Assembly District should elect Shabnam Lotfi to the state Legislature.

She is wonderfully qualified. While her Democratic opponents may be as well, Lotfi breaks the mold. She checks all the boxes on policy: clean environment, renewable energy, expanded Medicare, criminal justice reform, health care, pro-education, pro-union and pro-women.

But there’s more: Lotfi is thoughtful, persuasive, tireless and has the people skills required to solve tough problems working with folks who may have opposing views. If anyone can achieve positive bipartisan results, it’s Lotfi.

We should evaluate candidates by how they face the toughest issues. While many of us say we want to fight against injustice, Lotfi actually has done it. Knowing her in the legal profession for years, I’ve watched her pursue justice in complicated cases that can’t be won without careful strategy, persistence and conviction.

Just one example is her leadership in suing the Trump administration to stop its cruel and counterproductive immigration policies. That takes courage, competence and spirited dedication.

Lotfi is fired up to get things done in the Assembly. You’ll be proud of voting for her.

Linda Clifford, Madison

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