Put Hawk Harrelson in the Hall of Fame

September 24, 2018

Ken “Hawk’’ Harrelson has called his last game as the voice of the Chicago White Sox.

Now that his memorable career as a baseball play-by-play broadcaster is over, another call is in order — one from the Hall of Fame that confirms he has earned election to Cooperstown.

Each year, Hall of Fame voters choose a broadcaster who has “made major contributions to baseball’’ as the latest Ford C. Frick Award winner. Along with the award comes induction into the Hall, and Harrelson is the most glaring omission off the current list.

For more than three decades, he brought his distinctive style to Chicago’s south side. Harrelson was an unapologetic homer who referred to the Sox as “the good guys.’’ He also coined a number of catch phrases, such as “you can put it on the board, yes,’’ “grab some bench’’ and “this game is over,’’ which will remain imbedded in the memories of Sox fans and baseball fans in general for years to come.

Some, in fact many, took exception to his style. While the majority of these detractors were fans of White Sox rivals, some actually were Sox fans who, perhaps, grew tired of Hawk over time.

But remember this: Hawk is a colorful character and a true individual who maintained his rare style even as most other broadcasters developed a more business-like manner which was more informative than entertaining.

The 2018 season might mark Hawk’s last as a broadcaster, but let 2019 be his first as a Hall of Fame member. Vote him in.

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