Noon Fix: Judge rules Mission election void; USAF Honor Guard ‘lead step-off’ of Holiday Parade; Gas odor causes Weslaco High evacuation

October 6, 2018

Mission runoff election declared void

Visiting Judge J. Bonner-Dorsey has ruled the June 9 Mission runoff election void, culminating a two-week trial stemming from a lawsuit former Mayor Norbeto “Beto” Salinas filed contesting the results of the race.

Bonner-Dorsey made the ruling this morning in the 92nd State District Court.

USAF Honor Guard announced as ‘lead step-off’ of McAllen Holiday Parade

The U.S. Air Force Honor Guard has been announced as the lead step-off of the upcoming McAllen Holiday Parade.

The announcement was made at a press conference Friday morning at the Bert Ogden BMW dealership in McAllen.

Gas-like odor prompts Weslaco High School evacuation

Members of the local fire department are currently investigating a gas-like odor at Weslaco High School that prompted a complete evacuation of students and one potential hospitalization, school district officials confirmed in a news release.

The odor was reported this morning in a classroom in which 29 students were gathered, according to the release, leading to the evacuation and investigation by the fire department, which is still underway.

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