Community prepares for treasure hunt and a chance to win $1,000

October 11, 2018

SCOTTSBLUFF — Western Nebraska is starting to learn what it could mean if the entire WyoBraska community came together to give.

WyoBraska GIVES will introduce its “Treasure Your Community” treasure hunt on Sunday, with a chance to win $1,000. All that is required is to learn a little bit more about the community you live in.

The treasure hunt can be completed on your own or with family and friends. Clues will be provided by the Oregon Trail Community Foundation, which organized WyoBraska GIVES. Although the clues are not easy, they are not too difficult either. All of the clues can be solved by visiting the OTCF website and learning about where you live.

“We want it to be difficult, but not extra hard,” said Becky Horne, WyoBraska GIVES event organizer. “This is for someone who is 2 or 92 years old.”

The treasure hunt is a fun way to get as many people as possible to learn about the OTCF and what it does.

“This is a fun way to promote what we do and encourage people to take part in a fun activity,” she said. “Every question is going to be answered somewhere on the website.”

After liking OTCF on Facebook, you can get your clues. To officially solve each clue, you must take a photograph and submit it on Facebook for your next clue.

“If you don’t have an account, you can create one or go with someone who has one,” she said.

The treasure hunt kicks off on Monday, Oct. 15. For official rules and to receive your first clue, find and like Oregon Trail Community Foundation on Facebook.

The entire OTCF website is the official study guide and the answer to every clue can be found by visiting there. Still, you will have to go to some destinations, but the clues are all designed to teach you something about the community you didn’t know before.

Horne said the extra benefit is that anyone participating is going to be more knowledgeable about what OTCF does and what WyoBraska GIVES is about.

“This is a great activity that pulls you away from sitting and you can get out and learn about your community,” she said. “These are all places and locations that are important to our community.”

There are a total of 15 clues, with a maximum of three clues provided per day. When the last clue is out, it will lead to a buried treasure chest. Whoever finds it, wins. All the person needs to do is take a selfie and tag OTCF.

On Nov. 13, residents of western Nebraska and eastern Wyoming will have the opportunity to give $10 or more to their favorite nonprofit to make a difference.

WyoBraska Gives is sponsored by The Holliday Family of Companies. WyoBraska GIVES is a fundraiser focusing on the 85 percent of people in communities who may feel they never have an opportunity to give back to the community. A $10 donation allows anyone to participate.

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