Mark Campbell, Vice President of Marketing for InventureX, is Featured in New GadgetFlow Podcast

August 7, 2018

Campbell Answered a Number of Questions about Crowdfunding During the Podcast, Including How InventureX Came to Offer this Popular Service

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 7, 2018 / Mark Campbell, Vice President of Marketing for InventureX, is pleased to announce that he was recently featured in an in-depth podcast on GadgetFlow.

To hear the recent podcast in its entirety, please check out http://podcast.thegadgetflow.com/mark-campbell-inventurex/.

Alex Sugg hosted the podcast, and asked Campbell a number of questions regarding crowdfunding. As Sugg told Campbell, he was excited to host a podcast about this topic, and he started off by asking Campbell how he got into crowdfunding in the first place.

As Campbell explained, prior to launching their crowdfunding service, InventureX had been working in digital marketing for about 10 years. The company focused on the tech start-up space, which at the time involved entrepreneurs trying to launch apps and products, acquire users and find investors.

″Slowly, as crowdfunding took off, then we just started recommending that as our primary strategy for folks and then we ended up just becoming a full blown product launch crowdfunding agency, and now 90 percent of our business is crowdfunding launches,″ Campbell told Sugg.

When asked about who a typical client is at InventureX, Campbell explained that they work with a lot of clients who are in the early development stages of their product development. Their clients may have created a prototype of the product, but they have done everything they can think of and have hit the proverbial wall.

Because their clients cannot get to the next stage without funding, Campbell said, they work with InventureX to come up with a plan to take their project to the next step.

While clients sometimes try to read up on crowdfunding prior to arriving at InventureX, Campbell said this often results in he and his team hearing some ″interesting stuff.″

For example, Campbell said, some clients have spent time Googling crowdfunding, trying to figure out how it works and end up reading old and outdated blogs that include big and inaccurate generalizations about how the process works.

″It can get frustrating, because what worked 5 or 10 years ago may not work now,″ Campbell noted.

Campbell said he and his team at InventureX truly enjoy helping budding entrepreneurs to turn their product dreams into reality.

″At the end of the day, it’s all about having the right audience and having the right ideas in place.″

About InventureX:

InventureX has been helping entrepreneurs turn ideas into successful businesses through the use of crowdfunding since 2012. Learn more about InventureX and see some of their past projects at https://inventurex.com/launch/.


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