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AP-AL-2018 Alabama APME Awards Banquet, AL

June 5, 2018

AP Members:

The Alabama Associated Press Media Editors Awards Banquet will take place Saturday, June 9 at the Birmingham Marriott, 3590 Grandview Parkway in Birmingham.

The event will open at 11 a.m., followed by lunch and the awards presentation at noon. To register, please go to http://2018-alabama-apme.eventbrite.com. The deadline to register is Tuesday, June 5. Registration information can be found at http://discover.ap.org/contests/alabama.

Here is a list of finalists. Winners will be announced at the banquet.

Finalists in the 2017 Alabama AP Broadcasters contest:


Best Headlines: (Florence) TimesDaily, “From ROAR to Shade Tree Mechanics to Bike”; Tuscaloosa News, “Best Headlines.”

Best Non-Deadline Page Design: (Florence) TimesDaily, “From Impeach to Royalty to UNA”; Montgomery Advertiser; Tuscaloosa News.

Best Deadline Page Design: Dothan Eagle; Montgomery Advertiser; Tuscaloosa News.

Best Education Story: Ed Enoch, Tuscaloosa News, “Special Report: The Real

Cost of College, 2 parts”; Ed Enoch, Tuscaloosa News, “UA’s Master Plan”; Lisa

Singleton-Rickman, (Florence) TimesDaily, “Local, State Officials Addressing Truancy.”

Best Business Story: Ed Enoch, Tuscaloosa News, “Drought, Farmers Assess

Disaster’s Toll”; Brad Harper, Montgomery Advertiser, “Trump Trade Policy May Hurt Alabama”; Jason Morton, Tuscaloosa News, “A Taxing Situation.”

Best News Feature: Kelsey Davis, Montgomery Advertiser, “Atoning for the Past:

Montgomery Church Addresses Civil Rights Era Sins”; Drew Taylor, Tuscaloosa

News, “President Obama, A Lovely Close”; Andrew Yawn, Montgomery Advertiser, “The Pride of Camden: Kay Ivey’s Path to the Governor’s Office.”

Best Lifestyle Feature: Drew Taylor, Tuscaloosa News, “When O.J. Simpson

Partied in Tuscaloosa”; Peggy Ussery, Dothan Eagle, “Migraine Sufferers Turn to

Daith Piercings for Relief”; Andrew Yawn, Montgomery Advertiser, “Recipe for Success: Chris’ Hot Dogs Celebrates 100th Anniversary.”

Best Non-Deadline Reporting: Brian Lyman, Montgomery Advertiser, “Alabama

Corrections Officers See Dramatic Decline in Numbers”; Mary Sell and Tom Smith,

(Florence) TimesDaily, “Drugs Cause Spike in Need for Foster Care”; Tuscaloosa News, “Should Your Kid Play Football, Life Without Football.”

Best Deadline Reporting: Mark Hughes Cobb, Tuscaloosa News, “A Larger-ThanLife Legacy, Businessman, Art Collector Left Mark on Tuscaloosa”; Brian Lyman and

Andrew Yawn, Montgomery Advertiser, “Bentley Resigns”; Dothan Eagle, “Irma Jabs Wiregrass: Evacuees Converge on Dothan.”

Best Newspaper Investigative Reporting: Mary Sell, (Florence) TimesDaily,

“Crisis in Prisons is Real”; Mary Sell, (Florence) TimesDaily, “Dark Money”; Lisa

Singleton-Rickman, (Florence) TimesDaily, “School System’s Debt $2.3M in ’16.” Sports Non-Deadline Reporting: Duane Rankin, Montgomery Advertiser,

“Pioneers of Change: Integration and Lee’s 1970 State Champions”; Tuscaloosa

News, “Should Your Kid Play Football, Life Without Football”; Tuscaloosa News, “Ten: A Decade of Dominance.”

Sports Deadline Reporting: Montgomery Advertiser, “Iron Bowl: Alabama vs.

Auburn 2017″; Tuscaloosa News, “Alabama vs. Clemson College Football Playoff Championship Game”; Tuscaloosa News, “National Signing Day.”

Sports Feature: Tommy Deas, Tuscaloosa News, “California Cool”; Stacy Long, Montgomery Advertiser, “Ol Country Hate: Crenshaw County Rivalry Unites Towns in Enmity Toward Each Other”; Stacy Long, Montgomery Advertiser, “Ref Shortage: On the Field Officials are Endangered Species.”

Sports Column Writing: Joey Chandler, Tuscaloosa News; Cecil Hurt, Tuscaloosa

News; Brad Zimanek, Montgomery Advertiser, “Six Teams Right Number for Expanded College Football Playoff.”

Participatory Sports Story: Robert DeWitt, Tuscaloosa News, “Falconry More of a Lifestyle Than a Sport”; Kym Klass, Montgomery Advertiser, “Ex-Prisoner Builds

Bonds on Yoga Mat”; Kym Klass, Montgomery Advertiser, “Shooting for Life: Matt Bostic Sets Free Throw Record.”

Best News Graphics and Illustrations: Dave Helwig, Montgomery Advertiser; Tuscaloosa News.

Best Photo Illustration: Albert Cesare, Montgomery Advertiser, “All-Metro AISA

Volleyball Player of the Year”; Erin Nelson, Tuscaloosa News, “Super 11 Karon Coleman Jr.”

Best Portrait: Gary Cosby Jr., Tuscaloosa News, “An Artist’s Vision”; Gary Cosby

Jr., Tuscaloosa News, “Spring MVPs”; Mickey Welsh, Montgomery Advertiser, “Horses Port in the Storm.”

Best Humorous Photo: Gary Cosby Jr., Tuscaloosa News, “Mouths Full of Moon

Pies”; Matt McKean, (Florence) TimesDaily, “Keller Kids”; Mickey Welsh,

Montgomery Advertiser, “Santa, But I Didn’t Know Your Beard Was Real...”

Best Sports Action Photo: Gary Cosby Jr., Tuscaloosa News, “SEC Football UA vs. Tennessee Coach Reaction to a Catch”; Gary Cosby Jr., Tuscaloosa News, “Ski

Tournament AWSa Southern Regionals”; Mickey Welsh, Montgomery Advertiser, “Crimson Crush.”

Best Sports Feature Photo: Albert Cesare, Montgomery Advertiser, “Wetumpka’s

State Championship Game Loss”; Gary Cosby Jr., Tuscaloosa News, “Al Tus CGPFinal College Football Playoff”; Matt McKean, (Florence) TimesDaily, “ThreePeat.”

Best Spot Feature Photo: Allison Carter, (Florence) TimesDaily, “Technology”;

Albert Cesare, Montgomery Advertiser, “One on Top of the Other”; Mickey Welsh, Montgomery Advertiser, “Night Time Fishing at Cooter’s Pond.”

Best Spot News Photo: Matt McKean, (Florence) TimesDaily, “Fratnerity House

Fire”; Erin Nelson, Tuscaloosa News, “Fayette Tornado”; Mickey Welsh, Montgomery Advertiser, “Joint Vigil of Murdered Man.”

Best Photo Compilation: Albert Cesare, Montgomery Advertiser, “Bridges of

Faith: Ukrainian Children Indoctrinated into U.S. Through Orphan Project”; Albert

Cesare and Mickey Welsh, Montgomery Advertiser, “Iron Bowl: Auburn 26, Alabama 14”; Gary Cosby Jr., Tuscaloosa News, “Solar Eclipse Viewing.”

Best Individual Portfolio: Albert Cesare, Montgomery Advertiser; Erin Nelson, Tuscaloosa News; Mickey Welsh, Montgomery Advertiser.


Best Headlines: Bradley Roberts, (Fort Payne) Times-Journal, “Guess Who’s

Coming to Boom Days”; (Fort Payne) Times-Journal, “Winner, Winner, Red Devil Dinner.”

Best Non-Deadline Page Design: Candra Roberts, (Fort Payne) Times-Journal, “Friends Help Animals”; (Scottsboro) Jackson County Sentinel.

Best Deadline Page Design: Candra Roberts, (Fort Payne) Times-Journal, “AllState Honors”; Candra Roberts, (Fort Payne) Times-Journal, “Free at Last”; (Scottsboro) Jackson County Sentinel.

Best Education Story: Evan Belanger, Decatur Daily, “Teen Sexting”; Deangelo

McDaniel, Decatur Daily, “A Matter of Trust”; Deangelo McDaniel, Decatur Daily, “Brigman Out as Superintendent.”

Best Business Story: Eric Fleischauer, Decatur Daily, “Hospitals”; Mary Sell,

Decatur Daily, “AD to Get More Than $500K a Year”; Michael Wetzel, Decatur Daily,

“Courtland Struggles to Stay Afloat.”

Best News Feature: Catherine Godbey, Decatur Daily, “An Aging Field”;

Catherine Godbey, Decatur Daily, “Robert is My Hero”; Troy Turner, Opelika-Auburn News, “Living with Murder.”

Best Lifestyle Feature: Catherine Godbey, Decatur Daily, “A Man and the River”;

Catherine Godbey, Decatur Daily, “Finding Salvation”; Catherine Godbey, Decatur Daily, “Gift of Family.”

Best Non-Deadline Reporting: DeWayne Patterson, (Scottsboro) Jackson County

Sentinel, “Free, at Last”; Mary Sell, Decatur Daily, “Crime Lab Backlog Well Known”; Donna Thornton, The Gadsden Times, “The Wall.”

Best Deadline Reporting: Anna Beahm, Decatur Daily, “Evil Act”; Will Whaley, (Scottsboro) Jackson County Sentinel, “State Reps., Biker Group Gather in Support of Roy Moore”; Opelika-Auburn News, “Richard Spencer Makes Appearance at Auburn University.”

Best Newspaper Investigative Reporting: Keith Clines, Decatur Daily, “Sheriff and Money for Inmate Food.”

Sports Non-Deadline Reporting: Justin Graves, Decatur Daily, “Baseball Dreams.”

Sports Deadline Reporting: Justin Graves, Decatur Daily, “Champions”; Justin

Graves, Decatur Daily, “Turnover Cements Win”; Josh Vitale and Damien Dennis, Opelika-Auburn News, “Auburn’s Athletic Director Steps Down.”

Sports Feature: David Elwell, Decatur Daily, “Decatur High’s First Integrated

Football Team Marks 50 Years”; David Elwell, Decatur Daily, “Former Teammates

Demonstrate How Tough People Win”; Justin Graves, Decatur Daily, “Victory Over Cancer.”

Sports Column Writing: No winner.

Participatory Sports Story: David Elwell, Decatur Daily, “Tennis Keeps the Blood Pumping”; Justin Graves, Decatur Daily, “Making a Comeback.”

Best News Graphics and Illustrations: Elizabeth Law, (Scottsboro) Jackson

County Sentinel, “Debt”; Elizabeth Law, (Scottsboro) Jackson County Sentinel, “The

Burning Truth”; Candra Roberts and Kelsey Daenen, (Fort Payne) Times-Journal, “Do Not Wait.”

Best Photo Illustration: Jeronimo Nisa and Crystal Vander Weit, Decatur Daily,

“Alabama Tennis Champions”; Jeronimo Nisa, Decatur Daily, “Baseball Player of the Year”; Jeronimo Nisa, Decatur Daily, “Track Athlete of the Year.”

Best Portrait: Jeronimo Nisa, Decatur Daily, “Audrey and Sausage”; Jeronimo

Nisa, Decatur Daily, “Jeff Dunlap”; Crystal Vander Weit, Decatur Daily, “Crescent Moon Girl.”

Best Humorous Photo: Emily Enfinger, Opelika-Auburn News, “Bo Teases

Barkley”; John Godbey, Decatur Daily, “Sick Face”; Crystal Vander Weit, Decatur Daily, “Bug Envy.”

Best Sports Action Photo: Charles Bowen, (Scottsboro) Jackson County Sentinel,

“Fog”; Jeronimo Nisa, Decatur Daily, “Fumble”; Crystal Vander Weit, Decatur Daily, “Baseball Collision.”

Best Sports Feature Photo: Jeronimo Nisa, Decatur Daily, “Ain’t He Excited?”;

Crystal Vander Weit, Decatur Daily, “Game Anxiety”; Crystal Vander Weit, Decatur Daily, “Orange Crush.”

Best Spot Feature Photo: John Godbey, Decatur Daily, “Pledge of Allegiance”; Jeronimo Nisa, Decatur Daily, “Who’s the Guy Down There?”; Crystal Vander Weit, Decatur Daily.

Best Spot News Photo: John Godbey, Decatur Daily, “Comforting”; Jeronimo

Nisa, Decatur Daily, “Roof Crisis”; Candra Roberts, (Fort Payne) Times-Journal, “Fire Claims Home.”

Best Photo Compilation: Jeronimo Nisa, Decatur Daily, “The Man and The River”;

Crystal Vander Weit, Decatur Daily, “Robert is My Hero”; Crystal Vander Weit, Decatur Daily, “Wild Wednesday.”

Best Individual Portfolio: John Godbey, Decatur Daily; Jeronimo Nisa, Decatur Daily; Crystal Vander Weit, Decatur Daily.


Best Documentary: Denise Vickers, WHNT-TV, Huntsville, “Common Ground.”

Best Spot News Story: WHNT-TV, Huntsville, “Redstone Arsenal Standoff”; WSFA-TV, Montgomery, “Bentley Resigns, Ivey Sworn In.”

Best News Feature: Jerry Hayes and Shane Hays, WHNT-TV, Huntsville, “Visiting Chance”; Sally Pitts, WSFA-TV, Montgomery, “Heartbreak to Hope.”

Best Lifestyle Feature: Jalea Brooks, WAKA-TV, Montgomery, “Hot Dog 100”; Jerry Hayes and Shane Hays, WHNT-TV, Huntsville, “Finding Love at 70.”

Best Coverage of a Scheduled Event: Devon Sellers, WTVY-TV, Dothan,

“Enterprise Tornado Anniversary”; WSFA-TV, Montgomery, “Alabama-Clemson 2017.”

Best Series: Chris Davis and Gregg Stone, WHNT-TV, Huntsville, ”“In The Navy”;

Kimberly Hyde, WTVY-TV, Dothan, “What’s in a Name.”

Best Investigative Reporting: Courtney Crown, WHNT-TV, Huntsville,

“Innocence Proven”; Morgan Young and Eric Knox, WSFA-TV, Montgomery, “Daycare Dangers.”

Best Sports Story: Darrell Puckett, WAKA-TV, Montgomery, “The Dye Effect”; Taylor Tannebaum and Gregg Stone, WHNT-TV, Huntsville, “Cade’s Corner.”

Best Sports Feature: Laura Christmas and Jeremy Jackson, WHNT-TV, Huntsville,

“Walk By Faith”; Carl Prather and Dion Hose, WAFF-TV, Huntsville, “Right 5 Gun 28 Stretch.”

Best Sports Program: WAKA-TV, Montgomery, “Lace Up”; WHNT-TV, Huntsville, “2017 Iron Bowl Special.”

Victor Irving Best Staff Photography: WHNT-TV, Huntsville; WSFA-TV, Montgomery.

Stan Tarilton Best Photographer: Shane Hays, WHNT-TV, Huntsville; Matthew Smith, WAFF-TV, Huntsville.

Best Specialized Reporter: Michael Doudna, WSFA-TV, Montgomery; Jerry Hayes, WHNT-TV, Huntsville.

Best Weather Anchor: Amanda Curran, WSFA-TV, Montgomery; Eric Snitil, WSFA-TV, Montgomery.

Best Sports Anchor: Rocco DiSangro, WTVY-TV, Dothan; Maria Martin, WSFA-TV, Montgomery.

Best Reporter: Lynn Brooks, WVUA-TV, Tuscaloosa; Morgan Young, WSFA-TV, Montgomery.

Best News Anchor: Jerry Hayes, WHNT-TV, Huntsville; Devon Sellers, WTVY-TV, Dothan.

Best Regularly Scheduled Newscast: WSFA-TV, Montgomery; WSFA-TV, Montgomery.


Best Documentary: David Kelley and Jeh Jeh Pruitt, WBRC-TV, Birmingham, “The

Steve Skipper Story”; Kati Weis and Franz Barraza, WALA-TV, Mobile, “Quest for Answers.”

Best Spot News Story: WBRC-TV, Birmingham, “18 Wheeler Fire”; WKRG-TV, Mobile, “Mardi Gras Tragedy in Gulf Shores.”

Best News Feature: Devan Coffaro and Guy Turnbow, WALA-TV, Mobile, “Sunken Treasure”; Devon Walsh and Jason Garcia, WKRG-TV, Mobile, “Inside Metro Jail: Ladies Run Lockup.”

Best Lifestyle Feature: Devan Coffaro and Ronald Gaines, WALA-TV, Mobile, “Officer Plays Basketball with Kids.”

Best Coverage of a Scheduled Event: Nate Harrington and Sarah Cantey,

WIAT-TV, Birmingham, “Eclipse Coverage 2017”; Rob Martin and John Kelley, WIAT-TV, Birmingham, “Local Election 2017 Special.”

Best Series: J.B. Biunno, WKRG-TV, Mobile, “Cyber Safe”; Sherri Jackson and Rob Martin, WIAT-TV, Birmingham, “Siegelman Speaks.”

Best Investigative Reporting: Devan Coffaro and Guy Turnbow, WALA-TV,

Mobile, “Emergency Room Scorecard”; Kati Weis and Franz Barraza, WALA-TV, Mobile, “Toxic Release.”

Best Sports Story: Chris Renkel, WIAT-TV, Birmingham.

Best Sports Feature: Christina Chambers and Brandon Riggins, WBRC-TV,

Birmingham, “Full Court Press”; Christina Chambers, WBRC-TV, Birmingham, “Kayak Kid.”

Best Sports Program: Randy Patrick and Robby Baker, WKRG-TV, Mobile, “Friday

Night Football Fever”; Joey Rodgers and Chris Breece, WIAT-TV, Birmingham, “Iron Bowl Special 2017.”

Victor Irving Best Staff Photography: Toby Carter and Amos Hollinhead, WIATTV, Birmingham; Arnell Hamilton, WKRG-TV, Mobile.

Stan Tarilton Best Photographer: Franz Barraza, WALA-TV, Mobile; Jason Garcia, WKRG-TV, Mobile.

Best Specialized Reporter: J.B. Biunno, WKRG-TV, Mobile.

Best Weather Anchor: Matt Barrentine, WALA-TV, Mobile; Alan Sealls, WKRG-TV, Mobile.

Best Sports Anchor: Rick Karle, WBRC-TV, Birmingham; Randy Patrick, WKRGTV, Mobile.

Best Reporter: Kati Weis, WALA-TV, Mobile; Debbie Williams, WKRG-TV, Mobile.

Best News Anchor: Bob Grip, WALA-TV, Mobile; Devon Walsh, WKRG-TV, Mobile.

Best Regularly Scheduled Newscast: Andi McMicken and John Kelley, WIAT-TV, Birmingham; WKRG-TV, Mobile.


Best Use of Tape: Dan Carsen, WBHM-FM, Birmingham, “Fear of Concussions Helps Boost Flag Football”; Pat Duggins, WUAL-FM, Tuscaloosa, “Can We Talk?”

Best Commentator or Editorialist: Steve Flowers, WUAL-FM, Tuscaloosa, “The

Downfall of Big Jim Folsom”; Sherrel Wheeler Stewart, WBHM-FM, Birmingham, “The Pizitz Then and Now.”

Best Public Affairs or Documentary: Robb Taylor and Melanie Hogan, WVASFM, Montgomery, “Perspectives 2017”; WUAL-FM, Tuscaloosa, “Help Wanted: Alabama’s Rural Health Care Crisis.”

Best Coverage of a Spot News Story: Pat Duggins, WUAL-FM, Tuscaloosa, “Inmate Death Lawsuit Goes to Trial.”

Best News Feature: Gigi Douban, WBHM-FM, Birmingham, “Republican Senate

Primary In Alabama Is Exposing Deep Fissures In Party”; Stan Ingold, WUAL-FM, Tuscaloosa, “Scars of Tuskegee.”

Best Lifestyle Feature: Esther Ciammachilli, WBHM-FM, Birmingham, “The

Heritage Band: Keeping Birmingham’s Big Band Spirit Alive”; Pat Duggins, WUALFM, Tuscaloosa, “Alabama Midwives Wait to Come Out of the Shadows.”

Best Coverage of a Scheduled Event: WBHM-FM, Birmingham, “U.S. Senate Special Election”; WUAL-FM, Tuscaloosa, “Jones Vs. Moore Race for the U.S. Senate.”

Best Series: WUAL-FM, Tuscaloosa, “Alabama Rural Health Care”; WVAS-FM, Montgomery, “ASU Alumni Profiles.”

Best Investigative Reporting: WUAL-FM, Tuscaloosa, “Rural Health Care in Alabama.”

Best General Sports: Dan Carsen, WBHM-FM, Birmingham, “Fear of Concussions

Helps Boost Flag Football”; Pat Duggins, WUAL-FM, Tuscaloosa, “Alabama Loses Football Title to Clemson.”

Best Specialized Reporter: Pat Duggins, WUAL-FM, Tuscaloosa.

Best Sports Anchor: No winner.

Best Reporter: Pat Duggins, WUAL-FM, Tuscaloosa; Andrew Yeager, WBHM-FM, Birmingham.

Best Anchor: Marcus Hyles, WVAS-FM, Montgomery.

Best Regularly Scheduled Newscast: Alex AuBuchon, WUAL-FM, Tuscaloosa; WVAS-FM, Montgomery.

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