Northeast Community College’s relationship with College 360 in Denmark staying fruitful

December 15, 2018

NORFOLK - Northeast Community College is continuing its international relationship with a college in Denmark.

At the Board of Governors meeting Thursday President Dr. Michael Chipps talked about the now dual relationship with College 360 in Silkeborg Denmark.

Dr. Chipps said they recently had a signing ceremony with College 360.

“We signed an agreement to serve in a dual capacity because we will be sending over students and faculty to them as well. We want to continue to make that more robust. We’re going to work with Aarhus College in Aarhus Denmark as well to be able to integrate the process of global with our students.”

Dr. Chipps said this past spring 22 students came for six weeks, but that was a little long, so soon a group of 30 students will be coming for seven days.

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