From the Pulpit: Delight in prayer as God guides you

November 11, 2018

International House of Prayer Founder Rev. Ilene Blanche hosts monthly prayer meetings and weekly healing services. She also serves as a guest chaplain for Congress and opened the Minnesota Senate session with prayer on April 27. She will open the Minnesota House of Representatives session with prayer on May 11.

I’m not sure why prayer meetings are the least-attended meetings in church.

Perhaps one of the reasons is that we surely can pray in the privacy and comfort of our own homes.

Another reason may be that we feel uncomfortable praying in front of others.

And, this one is a concerning matter, it’s boring.

One more may be that you feel it is a waste of time. It does not seem like it is of any use.

I have a few thoughts that I believe will change the perception of prayer that many now have.

An effective prayer life begins with discerning the heart and purposes of God. Yes, indeed, that is true. We turn away from our need and look to what God wants. Where is He in the midst of life?

I’ll show you how this works by example. Recently I held a meeting with a group of people who were in difficult situations.

My goal as a pastor is to bring everyone into the presence of God. We find our comfort and the answers we seek as we encounter God.

Therefore, instead of talking about our problems and then praying, we began to sing and worship. As we turned our eyes on Jesus and allowed His love to fill our hearts, we changed.

In our songs of worship and praise we were reminded of God’s great love and how good He is. The peace of God filled the room and a love for each other began to bloom.

As we waited on the Lord allowing Him to move the tide turned and it was time to pray. And we did. But now we prayed full of faith and assurance that God was not only hearing us, but He was actually guiding our prayers.

We had joy and peace and confidence that we were connecting with Heaven and our prayers were coming out of the love and will of God.

You see, we did not pray (commune with God) out of pain, suffering, doubt, unbelief or fear and worry. We prayed in love and faith.

Then we prayed for each other is the same way. We did not ask each other “What is your prayer request.” Although that too is a good way to pray. We simply knew in our hearts how to pray for each other.

Everyone! I do mean all of us left that prayer meeting refreshed, encouraged, hopeful and renewed in our minds. Now that was an effective prayer meeting!

Can you see the beauty of gathering together in His Name? The Lord finds delight when He sees His children come together in communion with Him and each other.

When it’s difficult to pray by yourself, find a gathering of other like-minded believers. It is easier to enter into prayer with a little help from our friends.

Without a prayer life, we can’t expect the will of God to come to pass for us. He wants us to come to Him with all of our hearts, connecting to Him and receiving from Him.

Do not let that prayer life slip. He has called us to prayer and there will be joy in the House of the Lord.

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