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Puerto Rican table tennis sisters look up to Venus & Serena

August 7, 2019

LIMA, Peru (AP) — Table-tennis champion sisters Adriana and Melanie Diaz often get compared to Serena and Venus Williams — and they love it.

The Puerto Ricans won the table tennis gold medal in doubles at the Pan American Games in Lima on Tuesday. Adriana, who competed in the Rio Olympics at age 15, could also earn a ticket to Tokyo in singles if she beats American Yue Wu in Wednesday’s final.

“We’ve had many days filled with emotions,” said 18-year-old Adriana, who wore gold earrings shaped like table tennis paddles.

“Yesterday, we had a great time. Today is one of the best days of my life.”

With lightning-quick smashes, Adriana beat Brazil’s Bruna Takahashi in the semifinals and would have met her 23-year-old sister in the final if Melanie had not lost to Wu in an intense match that came down to a deciding sixth game.

Puerto Rico had the home crowd advantage. Salsa and reggaeton played from the speakers at the arena. In a corner near the table, the Diazes’ father-coach watched every point. And in the stands, his wife cheered on their daughters with dozens of fans who waved the national flag and who broke into chants after Adriana’s victory.

Melanie said she had to contain her emotions after she lost her match. She hoped to play the final against Adriana. She had to be the supportive older sister and set an example.

“I couldn’t let her see me sad, because she was going to get sad,” Melanie said. “I needed to be strong. I yelled out as much as I could to support her from the stands.”

With their popularity back home, they are sometimes compared to American tennis greats Venus and Serena Williams.

“We’ve often been compared, like the two sisters who are growing up together for the sport that they always worked and dreamed of,” Adriana said. “That feels amazing. Serena is a legend, and so is Venus. Any comparison to them makes me proud.”

Puerto Rico is best-known for baseball, but table tennis is growing on the Caribbean island. The International Tennis Federation recently praised a paid event that gathered more than 10,000 people to watch table tennis in Puerto Rico.

“We never thought that table tennis would have this boom,” Melanie said. Her sister is also delighted by the competitive growth of the sport, which is hugely popular in Asia and Europe. “Our national sport is baseball ... but people are now watching table tennis. They’re back home now watching table tennis on TV. And that’s something that you never saw before. It’s amazing.”


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