Sound Off Irene Sorial What are tips to prepare your home to sell during the holidays?

August 25, 2018

Even though we’re still in August, before you know its winter again. As we approach the upcoming seasons, my clients all seem to have the same question on their mind:

“Should we wait till next spring to put our house on the market?”

They are wondering how the market will change and if this will affect the offers they get. It’s impossible to tell the future and see what will happen next but from my experience as a longtime Realtor, I know I can sell a home anytime of the year if it shows well and is priced right.

I tell my clients to take advantage of the season and present their home the best way possible.

Fall is a great time to show off their house by decorating it with Halloween or Thanksgiving decorations. But keep in mind, that it should be simple, tasteful and inviting.

Putting too many things around can be overwhelming and comes across as lots of clutter, so don’t overwhelm your home. As a Realtor, I find it key to be honest with my clients and tell them if they are overdoing it and how to simplify their space and make it as desirable as possible for buyers to view.

Regardless of the weather, homes are selling and buyers are out there looking so why not make your home stand out? There’s no reason to wait for the ‘perfect’ time as you could be missing out on great opportunities. Sellers should be open-minded to the process and be ready to prepare their home for sale.

Some of the important steps for selling your home should be:

Keep it clean at all times and declutter it as much as possible.

Paint it with a fresh coat of paint.

Keep it well maintained, walk around the home and fix or repair anything that can enhance the home.

But most important, make the home available. That means at most a two- to four-hour notice should be plenty of time for you to get ready for the buyers to come and see it.

The buyers want to go in a house and visualize what they are going to do with the space and what kind of furniture they’re going to get and where they’re putting all their things.

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