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Former Student Shot At School After Taking Hostages

December 3, 1985

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) _ A former student carrying a double-barreled shotgun was shot by police today after he took two youths hostage at a high school and fired at officers, the principal said.

The youth was reported in critical condition at Concord Hospital. No other injuries were reported.

Police said no one with authority to comment was available, but Principal Charles Foley announced over the public address system at Concord High that a junior had come to school with a shotgun and grabbed two people before being shot.

Foley identified the former student as Lou Cartier Jr., of Concord, and said he had withdrawn from school about a month ago.

He said Cartier went into the assistant principal’s office carrying the shotgun, pointed it at office workers, then walked down a hall and took Scott Hayes and Pat Lena hostage.

Lena, 18, of Concord, later said Cartier said he wanted a ride. Lena said he was allowed to leave when he said he had to make a phone call to get Cartier a ride.

″I walked away very calmly because I knew he would think it was a lie, and probably shoot me,″ Lena said.

Foley said Cartier walked back to the principal’s office with Hayes, 16, where Foley, football coach Don Lebrun and others tried to talk him into giving up the gun.

Foley said that after he went outside to talk to police, Cartier fired at least one shot down a stairwell where three or four police officers were standing. Police fired back and hit Cartier, he said.

Hayes’ mother Nancy, who said she had just dropped him off at the school when he was taken hostage, said he escaped by jumping out a window.

Phil Denoncourt, who owns a store across the street, said Hayes ran into his store ″white as a ghost.″

Foley released the school’s 1,200 pupils at 9:30, about an hour after the incident.

Concord High School was thrust into the national spotlight this year when social studies teacher Christa McAuliffe was selected to be the first teacher to travel into space. In September, Education Secretary William Bennett lectured at the school.

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