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Couple Offers $100K to Egg Donor

February 9, 2000

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ A pair of would-be parents has placed an ad offering $100,000 for the eggs of a bright, young, white athlete _ possibly the highest offer yet made for such a service.

Their asking price has raised ethical questions even for advocates of high-tech reproductive medicine, who say giving eggs should be about helping others, not making a big cash payoff.

The couple’s half-page advertisement, which ran this week in Stanford University’s student newspaper, specified that the woman be under 30 and an athlete ``of proven college-level ability.″

The highest known price before was $50,000, offered through an ad last year in a number of Ivy League college papers.

The ad was placed by Families 2000, a donor-recruiting service based in Southern California. The service did not return phone calls seeking comment Tuesday.

Fertility doctors and medical ethicists say the high-priced offer _ designed to attract a premium candidate _ may actually backfire and attract a dishonest and risky donor. Most donors are paid around $4,000 for the process, which entails six weeks on hormone drugs, followed by invasive surgery to harvest 12 to 15 eggs.

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