MOSCOW (AP) _ President Boris Yeltsin ordered the government today to fight political and religious extremism in the wake of several anti-Semitic outbursts by Russian politicians.

Yeltsin instructed Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov and several other senior officials to draw up a program to oppose extremism, presidential spokesman Dmitry Yakushkin told Russian news agencies.

The brief reports did not specify what sorts of measures Yeltsin envisioned.

Several Communist Party leaders have made anti-Semitic remarks in recent months, and a number of smaller political movements routinely preach anti-Semitism.

Many mainstream politicians, as well as religious leaders and human rights activists, have denounced the remarks by the Communist Party officials. Several prominent Russian businessmen and politicians have even called for banning the party, saying it had evolved into fascism.

Russian authorities have said they are investigating the anti-Semitic statements but have not prosecuted any of the Communist officials.