CAMAS, Wash., (AP) _ Tonya Harding has reunited with the man she once attacked with a hubcap.

Harding said she's undergone anger management treatment and quit drinking since the attack on Darren Silver. Now, she said, she likes to be ``the woman at home.''

``Darren and I have worked out all of our problems,'' she told the tabloid TV show ``Inside Edition.''

``When I was apart from him, and not being able to see him, I realized how much I really, truly loved this man _ and my heart was truly broken.''

In May, she pleaded guilty in to disorderly conduct and malicious mischief for fighting with Silver outside her home after drinking. She was ordered to serve three days in jail and perform community service.

Harding is writing a book about her experiences with the working title, ``To Hell and Back.''

She first gained notoriety for her role in the 1994 knee-clubbing attack on rival skater Nancy Kerrigan.