WASHINGTON (AP) _ President Reagan hailed 58 career federal workers on Tuesday as the recipients of the 1987 Presidential Rank Awards and ''top-quality professionals'' who get the job done.

The awards went to officials as diverse as Gary G. Lynch, the director of the Securities and Exchange Commission's enforcement division and its investigations into Ivan Boesky's stock market activities, to Peter E. Wilkniss, the National Science Foundation's official in charge of the U.S. Antarctic program.

The award winners, who receive $20,000, are recognized for their extended exceptional performance in government.

''Each of you is a tribute to the fact that throughout our government, we've got top-quality professionals getting the job done,'' Reagan said at an awards presentation in the Old Executive Office Building.

The winners were:

Department of Agriculture: William T. Manley.

Department of Commerce: Vernon E. Derr.

Office of the Secretary of Defense: Richard E. Donnelly; Jordan E. Rizer.

Department of the Air Force: James F. Boatright; C. Ronald Hovell; Jack K. Umphrey.

Department of the Army: Louis M. Cameron; Jack E. Hobbs; William C. McCorkle; Clarence G. Thornton; Harry M. West.

Department of the Navy: Timothy Coffey; Robert V. Johnson, Jr.; John H. Lannen Jr.; Richard L. Rumpf; Frank W. Swofford.

Defense Agencies: Penman R. Gilliam.

Department of Education: Barry S. Bontemps; Emerson J. Elliott.

Department of Energy: Donald L. Bauer; Eric J. Fygi.

Environmental Protection Agency: Michael B. Cook; Rebecca W. Hanmer; Alexandra B. Smith.

General Services Administration: Paul K. Trause.

Department of Health and Human Services: David R. Davies; Gary Felsenfeld; Thomas S. McFee; William F. Raub; Maxine F. Singer.

Department of Housing and Urban Development: Albert J. Kliman.

Department of the Interior: Doyle G. Frederick; Alan D. Powers.

Department of Justice: Norman A. Carlson; Stuart E. Schiffer; Michael E. Shaheen.

Department of Labor: Roland G. Droitsch.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration: Paul F. Holloway; Harvard Lomax; C. Thomas Newman; John J. Quann.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission: James G. Keppler.

National Science Foundation: Peter E. Wilkniss.

Office of Management and Budget: Philip A. DuSault; Dennis C. Boyd.

Office of Personnel Management: Steven R. Cohen.

Securities and Exchange Commission: Richard G. Ketchum; Gary G. Lynch.

Department of State: Luigi R. Einaudi.

Department of Transportation: Richard E. Bowman; Richard D. Morgan.

Department of the Treasury: Edward F. Was; Michael H. Lane; Patrick J. Ruttle.

Veterans Administration: Barry L. Bell; Conrad R. Hoffman; Frank S. Sato.