Developer agrees to pay for traffic fix

August 7, 2018

STAMFORD — The city will get its new stoplight on Washington Boulevard for free after pressing a developer to pay for half of it.

Earlier this summer, Transportation Bureau Chief Jim Travers requested that True North LLC, the developer planning to build a nine-story apartment building on the downtown parking lot of the Basilica of Saint John, pay for traffic improvements after learning that the company had not paid anything.

Nearly all major developments contribute money or work to the surrounding traffic infrastructure, he said, but similar conditions of approval were not amended to a True North’s approval two years ago.

Travers wanted True North pay nearly $400,000 to split the cost of a new traffic light with the developer who is constructing an adjacent downtown apartment. True North was back before zoning hoping to add two more stories and 70 units to keep up with the large Lennar apartment building planned for next door.

Lennar had already agreed to pay for half the light as well as $150,000 to remove a pedestrian bridge over Tresser Boulevard.

True North would agree to pay a third of the cost to match the amount the company wants to expand the project, by some 30 percent.

But Zoning Board members appeared to side with Travers at a meeting on Monday night.

Alternate member Keith Silver said he understood that “a deal is a deal, but once you come back, thing’s are open.”

At a meeting Monday, Hennessey conceded the developer would pay for half the light.

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