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87-year-old Woman Jailed for Refusing to Testify Against Son

October 8, 1986

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP) _ An 87-year-old woman was ordered jailed when she refused to testify against her 66-year-old son in a murder trial.

District Judge Paul Goldman ordered Mary Cockrell jailed for contempt of court Tuesday.

Her son, Walter Schildt, is accused of beating his wife to death and burying her body in the desert.

Mrs. Cockrell, who was helped to the witness stand by a bailiff Tuesday, repeatedly said she would not testify despite warnings from the judge that he would have her jailed.

She was to be held until she agrees to testify or until the end of the trial, which is expected to last about a week.

Schildt was charged in the death of Si Son Schildt, whose remains were found in a shallow grave Jan. 26. The 50-year-old woman was reported missing in July 1985.

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