City must get Judge Doyle Square right -- Michael M. Miller

November 28, 2018

No matter how negotiations over Judge Doyle Square work out between the Madison City Council and the developer, one priority should remain: The Judge Doyle Square project should be very appealing to the eye and not a monstrosity.

This land is too valuable -- in an aesthetic and community sense, not an economic sense -- to be squandered. Madison has a chance to create something worth looking at and using, even a destination to walk or drive to.

The first two floors need to be attractive retail. One drawing I saw suggested that due to fiscal reasons, it would be a concrete slab with a tower on top. Buildings last generations. Budgets are short-term constructs.

Please, civic leaders, don’t blow this one. Penny-pinching on this would be foolish for future generations of citizens and visitors to the heart of our state’s capital city.

Michael M. Miller, Madison

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