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Jurors Find 10-Year-Old Guilty In Attack On 101-Year-Old Woman

January 29, 1987

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) _ A 101-year-old woman whose 10-year-old neighbor was convicted by a juvenile court of beating and stabbing her said she hopes he receives help.

″I feel sorry for anybody’s child who gets in trouble,″ said Laura Bell Young. ″I feel sorry for him because he is only 10 years old. Whatever troubles this boy, I hope they put him somewhere he can get a good understanding of life.″

After two hours of deliberations Wednesday, the jury found the boy guilty of delinquent conduct by intentionally and knowingly injuring Ms. Young, who was attacked in her home Dec. 28.

After the verdict was read, the boy folded his arms on a table, placed his head on his arms and began to weep softly.

Juvenile Court Judge Scott Moore set a hearing for Tuesday morning but did not indicate if the punishment would be handed down then. The child could be put in a state juvenile detention facility until he is 18.

Originally, the boy was also charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault, but prosecutors decided to proceed on only one charge to simplify the case.

In his testimony Wednesday, the boy denied he had attacked Ms. Young. But on Tuesday, the woman described the attack, saying at one point, ″Let me tell you something: I’m too old to lie.″

Ms. Young testified that the boy came to her house after church and attacked her when she confronted him after she saw him looking in a dresser where she sometimes kept money.

She was hospitalized for about a week after the attack, which left her with a collapsed lung and cuts to her hands and forehead.

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