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BC-FBN--Halfway Stories,Advisory

November 6, 2018


The AP has begun sending its NFL Halfway package. The schedule of stories and release dates (all times EST):

Monday, Nov. 5:


Mike Vrabel has no time to think longingly of what three-time Pro Bowl tight end Delanie Walker could do for the struggling Tennessee offense; a broken ankle has kept Marcus Mariota’s favorite target out since the season opener. The Titans have lots of company with so many players sidelined throughout the NFL halfway through the season. By Pro Football Writer Teresa M. Walker. 800 words, photos, by 5 p.m.

Tuesday, Nov. 6:


A column looking at the first half of the NFL season. By Sports Columnist Tim Dahlberg. 800 words, photos, by 3 a.m.

Tuesday, Nov. 6:


Start them right away? Ease them in? Have them sit a whole season? When it comes to young quarterbacks in the NFL, there’s a strong debate about what’s best for a player’s development. Some teams want to throw rookie QBs right into the fire to learn on the job, the way the Jets have with Sam Darnold. Others think it’s more beneficial to have them grab a cap and a clipboard and take it all in from the sideline. By Pro Football Writer Dennis Waszak Jr. UPCOMING: 800 words, photos, by 5 p.m.

Wednesday, Nov. 7:


A look at the NFL’s most improved players this season. With FBN--Improved Players List. By Pro Football Writer Simmi Buttar. 1,000 words, photos by 3 a.m.


Ezekiel Elliott likes to give Todd Gurley credit for the renaissance of the running back in the NFL because the Los Angeles Rams star ended an unprecedented two-year stretch without someone at that high-profile position going in the first round of the draft. With Gurley and Elliott of the Cowboys among a growing number of productive and important backs, it’s a good time to be a runner again — not to mention the critical role that pass catching can play out of the backfield. By Pro Football Writer Schuyler Dixon. 800 words, photos, by 5 p.m.

Thursday, Nov. 8:


Offenses have gone wild, scoring at a record pace. There are close games galore. Career records are being eclipsed by the likes of Drew Brees and Adam Vinatieri. By Pro Football Writer Rob Maaddi. 800 words, photos, by 3 a.m.


With today’s volcanic offenses and can’t-hit-’em-too-hard rules, linebackers aren’t the salivating, snarling 250-pound thumpers they used to be. Now, they’re hybrids who need sufficient strength to shed 300-pound linemen; enough vigor to cover tight ends; ample speed to keep up with sprinting receivers who are no longer timid about going over the middle; and satisfactory speed to keep up with shifty running backs and mobile quarterbacks. By Pro Football Writer Arnie Stapleton. 800 words, photos, by 5 p.m.

Friday, Nov. 9:


A breakdown of NFL TV ratings for all of the NFL’s national partners. By Joe Reedy. 800 words, by 3 a.m.


So you have favorites for The Associated Press NFL awards? So do a group of media members who vote for the awards. And they are predicting some tight races in most categories. By Pro Football Writer Barry Wilner. For weekend use: 800 words, photos, by 2 p.m.


Every year seems to be filled with controversy and consternation regarding NFL officiating. This season, the complaints, ranging from questions to outrage, have been as much a focal point as the standings. A breakdown of officiating calls for nine weeks of the 2018 schedule. By Pro Football Writer Josh Dubow. 1,000 words, photos, by 4 p.m.

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