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Mounted Police Gallop Through Demonstrators

November 1, 1990

OSLO, Norway (AP) _ Police galloped their horses through a crowd of several hundred demonstrators who had been pelting riot police with stones and bottles, news reports said Thursday.

About 300 protesters, many masked and wielding clubs or chains, refused to clear the street Wednesday night outside a student seminar on nationalism. They tried to keep alleged racists from joining a debate panel.

Ten mounted policemen charged the crowd and were followed by more than 100 officers, using shields and dogs to disperse the demonstrators.

One policeman was slightly injured when he was dragged from his horse and clubbed. Several demonstrators also suffered minor injuries. One was arrested.

″They had been throwing stones at the police for a long time. In the end we had no choice. We either had to use tear gas or the horses. We chose the latter,″ Oslo Police Chief Willy Haugli told Verdens Gang newspaper.

The protest was called by Blitz, a youth group known for violent confrontations with police. The panel continued the debate.

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