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August 2, 2018


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Another academic facility has taken steps to distance itself from Les Moonves (MOON’-vehz). This time it’s the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California. It says it will suspend the use of the media center’s name: The Julie Chen/Leslie Moonves and CBS Media Center. In a statement yesterday, the school’s dean says the move was made at the request of Moonves and Chen, who attended USC. Last week, New Yorker magazine reported that six women say the CBS Corp. CEO engaged in sexual harassment or sexual misconduct between the 1980s and late 2000s. Moonves acknowledged he made advances that may have made women uncomfortable. But he says he never misused his position to harm or block anyone’s career.

Earlier this week, Moonves’ alma mater, Bucknell University, removed references to the CBS chief from its website. CBS says Moonves will stay on the job, pending an outside investigation of his case.



022201-v-363:36-(Oscar Wells Gabriel, AP entertainment editor)-“I’m Oscar Wells Gabriel”-USC suspends use of J-school named after Moonves and Chen (2 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *022201 (08/02/18)££ 363:36 “I’m Oscar Wells Gabriel”

022202-c-225:84-(Oscar Wells Gabriel, AP entertainment editor)-“investigates the claims”-USC suspends use of J-school named after Moonves and Chen (2 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *022202 (08/02/18)££ 225:84 “investigates the claims”

022203-c-162:24-(Oscar Wells Gabriel, AP entertainment editor)-“hinder anyone’s career”-USC suspends use of J-school named after Moonves and Chen (2 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *022203 (08/02/18)££ 162:24 “hinder anyone’s career”


NEW YORK (AP) — Seth Meyers jokes that President Trump wasn’t very convincing when he claimed his former campaign chairman is being treated unfairly by the government. As part of a tweet storm yesterday, Trump asked who was being treated worse, Paul Manafort or Al Capone, who he called “Alphonse” in his tweet. Meyers suggests if Trump doesn’t want to be compared to a notorious crime boss, he probably shouldn’t show the world that he knows Al Capone’s full name.



022181-a-191:28-(Seth Meyers, host, “Late Night,” during broadcast last night.)-“Capone’s full name”-Seth Meyers takes on Trump rally and tweets (2 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *022181 (08/02/18)££ 191:28 “Capone’s full name”

022180-a-251:52-(Seth Meyers, host, “Late Night,” during broadcast last night.)-“on a woman ((laughter))”-Seth Meyers takes on Trump rally and tweets (2 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *022180 (08/02/18)££ 251:52 “on a woman ((laughter))”

022178-a-150:72-(Seth Meyers, host, “Late Night,” during broadcast last night.)-“that Abe Lincoln (laughter)”-Seth Meyers takes on Trump rally and tweets (2 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *022178 (08/02/18)££ 150:72 “that Abe Lincoln (laughter)”

022177-a-131:28-(Seth Meyers, host, “Late Night,” during broadcast last night)-“dinner, rental cars? (laughter)”-Seth Meyers takes on Trump rally and tweets (2 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *022177 (08/02/18)££ 131:28 “dinner, rental cars? (laughter)”


NEW YORK (AP) — If a baseball team loses a game with a score that looks more like a lopsided loss in a football game, it expects to catch grief as a result — assuming the team could actually catch, much less pitch or hit. On his “Late Night” show last night, Seth Meyers trolled the New York Mets, who lost 25-4 to the Washington Nationals on Tuesday night. Meyers says the game was so bad, “even the ceremonial first pitch was hit for a triple.” He also got in a dig at Mr. Met — saying the mascot was so embarrassed, he changed uniforms after the third inning.



022179-a-63:84-(Seth Meyers, host, “Late Night,” during broadcast last night.)-“for a triple (laughter)”-Seth Meyers takes on Trump rally and tweets (2 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *022179 (08/02/18)££ 63:84 “for a triple (laughter)”


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — His two kids were the ones in the spotlight — but it was the father of the teens who were invited to join Cyndi Lauper on stage in North Carolina over the weekend who had the biggest set of goosebumps. Ronald Worley Sr. says being “an 80s child,” he grew up on Lauper’s music — so he was thrilled his son Ronald Jr. and daughter Mya were asked to perform with her this past Saturday in Charlotte. The kids were performing on a street corner when Lauper and her manager spotted them — and invited them to be in the show. They performed a slow-jammed version of “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” before Lauper stepped in with the standard, upbeat version of the song.


NEW YORK (AP) — The performer known as Two Feet is hospitalized, recovering from what appears to be a suicide attempt. The singer was on Twitter on Tuesday night hinting he was going to kill himself. Other artists spotted the message and implored Two Feet to get help. He apparently did. His dad has since gone on his son’s account to say his son is better and is being held for observation.


SAN DIEGO (AP) — These days, looking at a fragrance counter is like scrolling though iTunes of Spotify. Only instead of album covers, you see boxes of fragrances with artists’ names on them. The latest to join the bandwagon: Ginuwine. He is doing a line of perfumes and colognes in conjunction with a scent-maker called WHIFF. If you want to catch a whiff of what Ginuwine is doing with WHIFF, you’ll have to wait a little while. The fragrances are due out this fall.


LONDON (AP) — How much would you spend for a blue-grey cotton jacket that is nearly 40 years old? If you found it in a thrift store, you probably wouldn’t fork over more than a few cents. But if that jacket was worn by Harrison Ford in “The Empire Strikes Back” — you’re talking big bucks. And big bucks are exactly what that jacket is expected to fetch when it goes up for auction in Britain next month. The company organizing the sale says it expects to collect $1.3 million for the jacket worn in the 1980 movie.


TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) — Jane Fonda has been honored with a lifetime achievement award at a northern Michigan film festival founded by Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore. The actress, author and political activist accepted the award yesterday at the 14th annual Traverse City Film Festival, where she screened her HBO documentary “Jane Fonda in Five Acts.” Fonda also held a panel discussion with Moore in which she discussed gender equality, her concerns about President Donald Trump’s administration and her activism. Dozens of Vietnam War veterans protested the festival over Fonda’s anti-war activism in the 1970s. Veteran Calvin Murphy said protestors wanted Fonda to know that they haven’t “forgotten what she did.”


BEIJING (AP) — Imagine if, say, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West both shut down their social media accounts for several weeks. That’s the situation unfolding in China, where leading actress Fan Bingbing has stopped posting online. She hasn’t updated her account on the Chinese equivalent of Twitter since June 2, leaving her more than 62 million followers in the lurch. Her boyfriend, fellow actor, Li Chen has been idle online since July 6. So, what gives? There is speculation that Fan has been barred from leaving China while she is under investigation for tax evasion. There’s no official word on the rumor; unlike in the U.S., Chinese police rarely comment on such investigations until a conclusion has been reached.


UNDATED (AP) — People on social media spoke. And Spotify has listened. The music streaming service says it has removed some episodes of “The Alex Jones Show” podcast from its list of offerings. The company says the podcasts violate its hate content policy. Spotify says the move is keeping with its practice of investigating flagged items — and it found the podcasts deserved to be removed. For his part, Jones says it’s a case of censorship. Jones is an extreme right-wing mouthpiece who has been sued for defamation by families of some victims of the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. At one point, Jones claimed the shooting was a hoax.


MARVELL, Ark. (AP) — The eastern Arkansas home of musician Levon Helm has been added to the state Register of Historic Places. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports that the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program’s review board voted unanimously yesterday to add Helm’s boyhood home in Marvell to the register. Helm was a singer, drummer and mandolin player for The Band, which backed Bob Dylan in the 1960s and went on to record 10 studio albums. He died of throat cancer in 2012 at age 71. Interior design students at the University of Central Arkansas worked to acquire the historic designation and organized a fundraiser to help cover restoration costs for the house. Work began in April.

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