Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Aiken taking donations to help with flood cleanup

September 28, 2018

Those still wishing to help victims of Hurricane Florence can do so through Bethlehem Lutheran Church on Hitchcock Drive in Aiken.

Until Oct. 3, the church will be taking donations of supplies to put together flood buckets to help flood victims in the Myrtle Beach area clean up during the recovery.

“It’s part of the act of mercy, you know,” said Rev. John Engwall, pastor of Bethlehem Lutheran. “We’re supposed to look at the needs that our neighbor might have and our opportunities where we can actually meet those needs, and for this congregation it happens to be a way that we can attend to the needs of those who were not so fortunate when Florence went through and they’ve been flooded out, so we’re able to do this for them.”

The church is asking for donations of five-gallon buckets, laundry detergent, household cleaner, dish soap, air freshener, wipes, sponges and more. A full list of the needed supplies can be found on the church’s website at bethlehemlutheranaiken.com.

“It’s part of the recovery phase, once the water does recede it leaves a mess, does a lot of damage. These flood buckets, of course, will have cleaning supplies in them in addition to a devotional and a prayer card from the congregation. It’s a way for people to find their balance and start getting up and recovering from the damage that the floodwaters inflicted upon them,” Engwall said.

Donations will be taken during business hours on Monday through Thursday until Oct. 3.

“It’s all about the love of God … and the church of course is always involved in witness to the gospel of Christ, but also acts of mercy as well,” Engwall said. “The key word is love.”

Bethlehem Lutheran Church is located at 902 Hitchcock Drive.

For more information, call the church at 803-649-6417.

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