Neighbors oppose Mystic marina redevelopment project

May 20, 2019

In New London or Norwich, residents and city officials would likely roll out the red carpet for a local developer who wants to spend upwards of 120,000 after town and school expenses. The consultant who did the economic impact study has said the benefit could be more, as fewer school-aged children are expected to live in the project than projected.

“This is not a significant townwide economic benefit for such a massive development that so negatively impacts the current quality of life and character of our village of Mystic,” states their letter.

Sartor said it is also irresponsible for the PZC to approve the plan without first completing a 10 million that could assist with infrastructure improvements on the site. 

Boardsen said he was not surprised there was opposition to the project. He said, though, that he has reached out to individual neighbors over the past year and asked them to meet to discuss the project, but just one accepted.

He said the feelings of the neighbors are why the project is less densely developed than it could have been and views have been opened up. Plans call for 55,000 square feet of building coverage on the site, 12,000 square feet less than what exists now. Neighbors criticize the fact that two buildings would be 63 and 72 feet high.   

“We’ve incorporated what we believe their concerns are,” Boardsen said. “We’ve designed this project to fit in with the neighborhood. We’re trying to do the right thing.”

Boardsen added the plan will accommodate all the needed parking because parking problems do not benefit either those using his site or the neighbors. 

Sartor said Boardsen has never asked the neighbors for a meeting and questioned why he could not have asked Town Director of Planning Jason Vincent to set one up

Sartor also referenced those communities that might welcome such a project with open arms.

“We don’t need this. We are not a decrepit community. This is not Taftville,” he said.



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