Kankakee police confiscate ATV, arrest juvenile

September 19, 2018

KANKAKEE — Kankakee police arrested a juvenile for obstructing police as an officer was waiting to have an all-terrain vehicle towed after an incident on Friday.

According to a report, the officer saw a male juvenile cross East Court Street on an ATV traveling southbound into the west alley of the 100 block of South Greenwood Avenue. The officer located the driver and ATV in the 200 block of South Greenwood, where he was talking to a group of subjects.

Individuals in the group told the officer he did not have the right to stop him now because he had seen him riding on Court Street.

A juvenile in the group took the keys to the ATV and put them in his pocket.

While the officer was waiting for a tow truck to take the ATV away, the juvenile tried to push it away, hitting the officer’s right leg.

The juvenile was taken into custody after he failed to obey the officer’s commands to let go of the ATV.

According to the report, officers were harassed by the crowd that had formed. The driver of the ATV left the scene before he could be identified or ticketed.

It is unlawful to operate or drive any ATV or off-highway motorcycle upon any street, highway or roadway in the state of Illinois, according to Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

Exceptions exist when making a direct crossing at an intersection, coming to a complete stop, yielding the right-away to pedestrians and motor vehicles and crossing a divided highway at an intersection of the highway with another public roadway, road or highway.

Local governments can adopt ordinances or resolutions allowing ATVs and OHMs to operate. Kankakee does not allow them to be operated in the city.

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