Hawaiian Diving Adventures, Which Offers Scuba Diving on Oahu, Uses Custom Built Dive Boat that Runs on Bio-Diesel Fuel

July 30, 2018

Hawaiian Diving Adventures is Proud to Offer the Only “Green” Diving Experience in Oahu

HONOLULU, HI / ACCESSWIRE / July 30, 2018 / The founders of Hawaiian Diving Adventures, a company that offers scuba diving on Oahu, are pleased to announce the debut of their custom built dive boat the runs on locally sourced, 100 percent bio-diesel.

To learn more about Hawaiian Diving Adventures and their eco-friendly scuba diving lessons and trips, please visit http://www.hawaiiandivingadventures.com/.

As a company spokesperson noted, the founders of Hawaiian Diving Adventures are passionate about the ocean and nature, and realize it is their responsibility to minimize their company’s impact on the environment.

This inspired them to purchase the custom built dive boat named Kilikina, which offers their valued clients a “green” diving experience as they scuba their way through the beautiful blue waters of Oahu.

“We are currently the only green boat on Oahu, and we are devoted to caring for the environment,” the spokesperson noted.

Whether people wish to experience scuba diving for the first time or have hours of scuba diving under the belts, the friendly and experienced team at Hawaiian Diving Adventures is ready and willing to help.

“Every day, we see spectacular colorful reefs, amazing shipwrecks; these dive sites are home to sea turtles, corals, and reef fish like the famous state fish: humuhumunukunuku apua’a,” the spokesperson noted, adding that for divers who are especially lucky, a dolphin, ray, or even a whale will swim by.

For certified divers, Hawaiian Diving Adventures offers two options: a deep wreck and shallow dive for experienced divers, and two shallow reef dives for a casual experience. As the spokesperson noted, the latter option is ideal for newer divers or those who are interested in an easier dive experience.

Hawaiian Diving Adventures also offers Beginner Scuba Diving lessons; it includes all equipment as well as two dives from Kilikina. For those interested in doing an open water course, Hawaiian Diving Adventures is happy to assist.

“All of our courses are private or semi-private and are booked one at a time around your schedule. Please call us 808-232-3193 and speak to one of our instructors to sign up for a course,” the spokesperson said.

About Hawaiian Diving Adventures:

Hawaiian Diving Adventures is a Scuba Diving Tour company on the island of Oahu Hawaii. Hawaiian Diving Adventures has trips for all experience levels, from first-time beginner divers through advanced divers, divemasters, and instructors. They have been in business since 2012. For more information, please visit http://www.hawaiiandivingadventures.com/.


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SOURCE: Hawaiian Diving Adventures

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