Live Updates: Tunkhannock Little League In The Softball World Series

August 8, 2018

Having already won district, sectional, state and regional championships, Tunkhannock’s majors softball team starts tournament play today at the Little League World Series in Portland, Oregon.

Join us as we follow the game with live updates beginning at 1:00 p.m.

Starting pitchers: Kaya Hannon for Tunkannock; Brynn Fortier for Canada. Tunkannock is the home team

------ Top 1st: Canada goes down, 3 up--3 down. Score 0-0

Bottom 1st: Tunkhannock pitcher Kaya Hannon reaches first on a two-out throwing error followed by Paige Marabell’s single, but both runners are left stranded. Score 0-0 ------

Top 2nd: Kaya Hannon strikes out the side, getting her 4th strikeout of the game. Score 0-0

Bottom 2nd: Sydney Huff leads off with a single for Tunkannock, then steals second base on the next pitch. Erin Van Ness singles. Huff and Van Ness both score. Ella McNeff hits a stand-up double with 2 outs. Julie Roote walks, but Kaya Hannon grounds out to end the inning. Tunkhannock leads 0-2 ------

Top 3rd: Kaya Hannon gets her 7th strikeout of the game. She’s thrown 34 pitches so far. Tunkhannock leads 0-2

Bottom 3rd: Paige Marabell starts off with her second single of the game. Sydney Huff walks for the second time today. Both runners are left stranded. Tunkhannock leads 0-2 ------

Top 4th: Kaya Hannon collects her 9th strikeout of the game. Tunkhannock leads 0-2

Bottom 4th: Tunkhannock goes down in order. Tunkhannock leads 0-2 ------

Top 5th: Kaya Hannon gives up her first walk of the day and allows the runner advance to second on a wild pitch, but battles back with her 11th strikeout to retire the side. Tunkhannock leads 0-2.

Bottom 5th: Tunkhannock’s Cali Wisnosky reaches first on an infield hit, then reaches third after Sydney Huff reaches on an error. Tunkhannock can’t take advantage of runners on first and third. Tunkhannock leads 0-2 ------

Top 6th: Kaya Hannon gives up her first two hits of the day with two outs, but closes out a dominating performance with 14 strikeouts to seal the win. 

Final score: Canada 0 Tunkhannock 2




Tunkhannock represents the EAST U.S. team in Pool A and will play Layritz from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Other members of Pool A are:


-Europe/Africa, Northwest Czech Republic LL Prague, Czech Republic

-Southeast U.S., Daniel Boone LL Gray, Tennessee

-West U.S., Kirkland LL Kirkland, Washington

Tunkhannock’s roster: Elaina Kulsicavage, Cali Wisnosky, Kaya Hannon, Sydney Huff, Paige Marabell, Hannah James, Ella McNeff, Emily Patton, Erin Van Ness, Serenity Kerr, Alexis Gilroy, Julie Roote, and Piper Robinson.

Canda’s roster: Taylor Milliken, Preslie Mace, Evie Johnson, Ruby Anderson, Hannah Southern, Brynn Fortier, Bella Glawson, Maria Smith, Kassidy Ralfs, Kaela Gillis, Addison Finlay, Anya Porter, and Zoe Willington.

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