By phone, Facebook or tweets, Ward 5 constituents keep Councilwoman Phyllis Cleveland busy: Cleveland City Council summer recess

August 21, 2018

By phone, Facebook or tweets, Ward 5 constituents keep Councilwoman Phyllis Cleveland busy: Cleveland City Council summer recess

CLEVELAND, Ohio – In the summer, as the temperatures rise, so do the number of calls that Ward 5 Cleveland Councilwoman Phyllis Cleveland receives from constituents. 

Cleveland said dealing those calls occupies much of the time that council is on summer recess. And it’s not just her phone that is ringing. 

“I get messages on Facebook and on Twitter and on Instagram,” she said.  

City Council has been operating on a limited meeting schedule since the beginning of June. It won’t resume its regular meeting schedule until Sept. 10.  

This story in the ninth of a cleveland.com series that looks at what council members are doing during the recess. 

Cleveland, a member of council since 2006, represents a broad area on the East Side. Her ward is most commonly associated with the Central neighborhood, but it also includes parts of Kinsman, Midtown and the downtown and reaches south to Union Avenue and the North Broadway area.        

The increase in constituent calls during summer is natural, Cleveland said. 

“Everyone’s out,” she said. “You come out on your porch or in your back yard and kids are running up and down the streets.” 

And because people are out, they notice problems and eyesores in their neighborhoods. 

High grass and the dumping of trash are two big ones, she said.  

Cleveland also has a regular set of meetings this summer, even with the recess. She is one of several members on the city’s Charter Review Commission.  

The commission meets every other week to consider possible updates and additions to the charter. That involves going through hundreds of charter sections one by one. 

She also is monitoring development projects such as new housing in the North Broadway area near Slavic Village.  

In Cleveland, members of council often help developers navigate the City Hall bureaucracy. 

Cleveland is convinced that the area along Broadway Avenue, a short distance from Interstate 77 and downtown, will be the next hot spot in the city. 

“With its proximity to downtown, you can’t tell me that people aren’t looking at it as a place to be,” she said. “I just know it’s a matter of time.” 

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