BISCHOFSHOFEN, Austria (AP) _ Adam Malysz became the first Polish ski jumper to win the Four Hill tour, winning by the biggest margin in 49 years of the competition Saturday.

With jumps of 127 and 134 meters, the longest of the day, Malysz earned his second victory in four events and beat Janne Ahonen of Finland by 103.9 points for the four stops.

That was 4.9 points more than the 99-point margin by which Matti Nykanen beat Jens Weissflog in 1988.

``I never expected it,'' Malysz said. ``It's a wonderful experience.''

Malysz had a winning total of 274.8 points for the day.

Ahonen took second with jumps of 118.5 and 124.5 meters for a total of 242.9 points.

Andreas Widhoelz of Austria, last year's tour winner, placed third with jumps of 117 and 127.5 meters for 242.6 points.

In the tour standings, Malysz had 1,045.9 points, while Ahonen was second with 942. Martin Schmitt of Germany, the World Cup leader, finished fourth Saturday and was third on the tour with 920.1 points.