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Man Jailed for Paying Fine With Pennies

June 3, 1992

PINE LAKE, Ga. (AP) _ Scott Quamme was so angry about being accused - wrongly he says - of running a stoplight, he paid the $99 fine in pennies.

But the 29-year-old commercial pilot brought the money in rolls, cloth sacks and a box so Judge Alan Mullinax ordered him jailed.

″I wasn’t guilty and I’m a smart aleck,″ Quamme said. ″If you talk to my wife, I’m an idiot.″

Quamme, who lives in Marietta, brought the pennies to traffic court Monday in this Atlanta suburb.

Mullinax said that since Quamme didn’t have enough rolled pennies, he should have written a check. But he refused, the judge said.

″He had, at most, $20 worth of pennies rolled,″ the judge said. The rest were loose.

″Here we were having court, and he just drops them on her desk. Real loud. Kerplunk 3/8″ Mullinax said. ″He was the author of his own misfortune.″

Quamme’s wife got him out of the DeKalb County Jail early Tuesday by paying the fine, with dollars.

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