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Gunmen Kill Lebanese Army Liason Officer To U.N. Peacekeeping Force

June 24, 1987

BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) _ Unidentified gunmen in the southern port city of Tyre killed the Lebanese army liaison officer to the U.N. peacekeeping force in Lebanon today, police said.

The gunmen opened fire from a speeding car at Capt. Kazem Darwish, 32, a Shiite Moslem, as he was driving an army jeep to Tyre’s military barracks on the city’s southern edge, a police report said.

Darwish served as a liaison officer coordinating efforts with the nine- nation United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, the report added without further elaboration.

Local reporters in Tyre, 55 miles south of Beirut, said militiamen of Justice Minister Nabih Berri’s mainstream Shiite Amal movement sealed off the scene and began a manhunt.

The 5,800-strong U.N. force has been in south Lebanon since March 1978. It patrols a narrow strip of land that separates Israel’s self-proclaimed ″security zone″ from the rest of predominantly Shiite southern Lebanon.

Israel maintained the security zone when it withdrew from south Lebanon in the summer of 1985. The zone is patrolled by Israel and its allies, the South Lebanon Army militia.