Chart a course to county board cut

July 15, 2018

A compelling case for reduction in size of government was printed on the front page of Thursday’s newspaper.

A chart that accompanied a story written by David Giuliani, of the Daily Journal, revealed about a quarter of Kankakee County Board members — six of 28, to be exact — have missed 31 percent or more of the group’s regular monthly board meetings dating to August.

Now, the purpose here is not to scold these individuals. Their reasons widely vary, and among them are pillars of our community. The same can be said of the other members included in the chart, which showed 22 of these lawmakers attended 85 percent or more of the meetings, and 11 had perfect attendance.

But it does illustrate just how hard it is to find 28 people dedicated enough to perform the most basic function of the job. The same reasoning applies to every election cycle, as a majority of board positions tend to be won by candidates who don’t face opposition.

As noted in Giuliani’s story, board members are paid $70 for every meeting attended. The absences already bring a measure of savings, so take what steps are necessary to make them permanent. Cut the size of the county board. The chart indicates 22 or so would be a reasonable number.

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