Ben Franklins ($100 bills) keep appearing in Salvation Army kettles

December 18, 2018

Three times this December, an anonymous donor or donors has slipped six crisp new $100 bills into a Kankakee Salvation Army kettle.

Bills were dropped in the kettle at the Kankakee Walmart Dec. 10. Similar donations were dropped Dec. 6 and Dec. 4, both at the Walgreens in Kankakee.

There is no way of definitively knowing whether the $1,800 in $100 bills all came from the same donor, but in each case, the bills were new and placed in together, gently rolled, but not folded. A $100 bill has a picture of Ben Franklin.

“The generosity of this community simply blows me away,” said Salvation Army Lt. Makayla Parnell. Scott and Makayla Parnell are the officers for the Kankakee Salvation Army, located at 148 N. Harrison. This is their first Christmas in Kankakee.

The $100 bills were not accompanied by any note of explanation. Earlier in the season, for the 28th year, someone placed a gold coin, the latest one worth $1,100, in one of the Salvation Army buckets.

The Salvation Army has a Christmas goal of collecting $265,000 in a drive that includes both a mail appeal and money placed in the buckets. The charity is roughly half way toward its goal. Collections at local stores continue through Christmas Eve. The Salvation Army never collects on Sundays.

This year, the local Salvation Army did lose one location when the Ultra Foods in Kankakee closed. An effort was made, though, to put out more counter kettles near cash registers at local businesses.

Locations for counter kettles are welcome, as are volunteer bell ringers. To help with either, call the Salvation Army at 815-933-8421.

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