L-D schools move into phase 2 of $12M facilities update

September 2, 2018

LEAD — Roughly $900,000 in phase one facility update work is done in the Lead-Deadwood School District. With tuckpointing, retaining wall projects, and the lion’s share of the high school elevator installation completed this summer and off the to-do list, school district officials turned their focus toward phase 2 of the facilities update initiative at the Aug. 12 school board meeting and set a bid opening date on this portion of the work for Oct. 4.

Assuming all bids come in on budget, an estimated cost total of $4.1 million, work will be awarded at that meeting.

The contractor, ICS Consulting, Inc., recommended that the work in phase two, some of which is to be done in the summer of 2019 and some in the summer of 2020, all be bid together and awarded at the same time, with three to four different contractors awarded the different work scopes.

Phase two of the facility update plan involves remodeling the third and fourth floors in the 1924 portion of Lead-Deadwood Elementary School in 2019 and the first and second floors of that building in 2020.

Renovations planned for 2019 involve renovating the existing auditorium, addressing ventilation, and adding bigger classrooms on the third and fourth floors, at an estimated cost of $2.6 million.

A representative from JLG Architects, Jeremy Altman, presented renovation plans at the board meeting.

The third-floor classrooms will be enlarged to 950 square feet, with a shared room in-between. This floor will also encompass a staff restroom and janitor’s closet.

Fourth-floor work involves work on the existing auditorium, as well as creating special education and other classrooms on this level.

Rooftop cooling units will also be added during this phase.

“This is one of the major things we heard from staff,” said Altman. “Is that it’s hot in there.”

Renovations planned for 2020 include moving the school office to the ground floor, thus moving the main entrance, and enlarging first and second floor classrooms, at an estimated cost of $1.5 million.

The district’s overall facilities update plan comes at an estimated cost of $12 million.

The installation of a small bench along the front of the school, to act as a boundary of sorts, between the school and the street, is proposed.

In moving the entrance and office to the first floor, access to the ACE room and cafeteria areas will be streamlined for visitors and students. A teachers’ work room, nurse’s room, and counselor’s office are also planned for this area.

Phase 3 work will entail remodeling the 1985 portion of the elementary school building, including the cafeteria.

School district superintendent, Dr. Dan Leikvold, said that plans have been tweaked to leave the auditorium in place, with minimal renovations, as it is integral to school functions.

“It’s functional. It’s OK. It’s more than adequate,” Leikvold said.

A long-term facilities plan was developed in 2016 to address the district’s declining enrollment by repurposing and rehabbing its three buildings to more cost-effectively house students.

The current facilities plan calls for $9.3 million in elementary school updates and $2.3 million high school building updates to accommodate grade levels 6-12 and at some point, possibly closing the middle school in Lead after it is used as a transition facility while updates to the other two schools are being completed, with approximately $72,000 in renovation costs at the middle school.

The recommendation to close a school is based on an enrollment study that projects a decline from current levels of 680 to 500 in 2025.

Plans do not call for closing any buildings for at least four years, as the district watches an enrollment “bubble” of students, consisting of grades 5, 6, 7, approximately a group of 180 total, which is projected to shrink to approximately 130.

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