Take steps to reduce plastic bags -- Mary Jane Bauer

February 24, 2019

For every little trip you make to the drugstore, you’re adding to the more than 32 million tons of plastic waste generated annually by Americans. That includes the 100 billion plastic bags dumped in the trash and left to rot over the next 1,000 years.

The amount of plastic bags that each person uses adds up quickly: The average American family uses almost 1,500 plastic bags annually. I’m a high school student, and because the status of the environment I will inherit depends on how it’s treated today, I hope you’ll pitch in so the future won’t be poisoned by overflowing landfills and oceans choked with trash.

Do you hate animals? Do you despise the ocean and environment? Then by all means continue using your precious plastic bags.

But if you have an ounce of care, please join me in taking simple steps toward eliminating plastic bags. Use Tupperware in your lunchbox. Keep reusable bags in your car so you’re prepared for shopping. Soon we’ll see that, just like the plastic bags we use add up, the plastic bags we don’t use will add up.

Mary Jane Bauer, Madison