Knife recovered from student’s locker at KJHS

March 3, 2019

KANKAKEE — Administrators at Kankakee Junior High School found a knife in the locker of a student while classes were in session on Thursday.

District 111 Superintendent Generva Walters said a student told an administrator about the knife.

The girl believed to have brought the knife was interviewed by an administrator. They went to her locker and recovered the knife, Walters said.

The mother of the student was contacted.

Walters said the student faces consequences with the district.

According to a Kankakee police report, the student “had intentions of using (the knife) on other students.”

The incident occurred a day after junior high officials confiscated cornbread believed to be laced with cannabis brought to school by a student.

Two students were given cornbread. Another student took some to the school’s resource officer.

Police continue to investigate the cornbread case. The boy was charged with juvenile misdemeanor possession of cannabis.

Walters said teachers and staff emphasize to students they need to protect their school environment. They should tell an administrator if something is wrong.

“The kids are encouraged to do this,” she said.