Right blocks efforts to help planet -- Steven Porter

September 20, 2018

The right’s seemingly limitless affinity for self-obfuscation was on full display in Sept. 6 letter to the editor ” Carbon use is part of modern living.”

Yes, we all share the same carbon footprint because we all must use technology from the same industrial base. Even to suggest that the left is doing nothing to help is not without a grain of truth.

It is far more apt however to say that liberals fail to succeed in those efforts than to subscribe the absurd notion that they are doing nothing but “writing letters to the editor.” The left has in fact tried, and tried, and tried again to reduce industrial harm to our Earth only to blocked, and blocked, and blocked again by conservatives and their corporate propaganda machine.

When history makes its judgments, as we are starving to death as a species, the question won’t be, “why did the left do nothing but write letters?” It will be “why did the right block any and every attempt to turn things around?”

Steven Porter, Sun Prairie

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